The Consulting Firm Profile 2 The Consulting Firm Profile ADB continuously seeks qualified consultants

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    222 The Consulting Firm Profile ADB continuously seeks qualified consultants to engage in the development of its projects. Its database of consultants has more than 4,000 registered firm entries. With this degree of selection at hand, having an up-to-date Consulting Firm Profile can contribute to a

    firm’s chances of being shortlisted for a project. This quick reference guide details the options available to help the user update and manage

    the particulars found in the Consultant Profile.

    1. Verify that the general details on

    the consulting entity are

    accurate. Certain core data will

    require an email message to the

    CMS Registration Administrator


    before an update can be

    effected. These fields include

    firm name, status (new, active,

    suspended, deactivated), user

    accounts (username/email

    address), country and year of


    2. Review Firm/Organization

    details. If work was done

    previously on other ADB

    projects, click Yes under

    Previously Engaged by ADB.

    3. If the type of organization has

    expanded since the last update,

    click on Add Type of

    Organization(s). For the Scope

    field, the National or

    International buttons refer to the

    organization’s scope of operations.

    4. Maintain affiliations by clicking on Add Affiliate Organization(s) to enter new

    affiliates, or by clicking the “Trash” icon to delete affiliations that no longer

    exist. If the added organization is already registered in CMS, a system generated

    email notification will be sent to

    the entity with a facility for that

    organization to confirm or deny

    such an affiliation.

    5. Click on Add Sector Expertise

    to include any new expertise, or

    by clicking on the “Trash” icon to

    delete any expertise that no

    longer applies to the consulting


    6. Use Add Project Details to

    update core details of each of the

    consulting firm’s projects.


    The following steps ensure that the consulting profile is properly maintained. The steps may be taken in any order.


     For user/technical support , contact Help Desk.



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    1. Click on Employees of the Organization

    menu to enter updates on your employees.

    2. Click on Other Information to update

    (add, delete or edit) attachments or to enter

    relevant details about your organization in

    the Note to ADB.

    3. To add an attachment, click on the Add

    Attachment button to open the page.

    4. To edit an attachment, click on the Pencil

    icon under the Update


    5. To delete an attachment, hit

    the Trash icon under the

    Delete column.

    6. Click on the Address Book

    submenu to add branches or edit

    address details.

    7. You may enter Contacts

    Information for the branches

    you added in the Contact

    Directory page to maintain the

    list of contacts.

    8. Click on the Contact Directory submenu to add contact details for the firm.

    9. Click on Add Contact(s). This

    will open a new page where

    contact details can be entered.

    Click Apply to save the


    10. Click on Key Experts to add, edit or delete records.

    11. Click on Add Key Expert(s)

    to open the Key Experts page

    for additional entry.

    12. Click on the Pencil icon to

    update details of a particular

    expert, or click on the Trash

    icon to delete experts who are

    no longer affiliated with your


    13. Upon completion of profile update, save your changes and click on Logout to exit the CMS Consultant Portal or click on the Dashboard link to work on your action items.


    Users are not allowed to reassign the Primary Contact person. Firms must send an email to indicating the updated information (i.e., Title, Last Name, First Name, Job Title/Position, email addresses of former and new primary contact persons) if they wish to reassign the current primary role to another person, or if there are any up- dates in Primary Contact person information.

    For all the Key Experts registered as an affiliate, an automatic email notification will be

    sent informing them of their registration as an affiliate, as well as to allow them to confirm

    or deny such affiliation. For those who are not yet registered in CMS, it is an opportunity

    for them to accept the invitation to access the CMS platform and continue with their

    respective registration as Individual Consultants.

    Additional fields for managing the consulting entity profile are available by accessing the submenu on the upper left portion of the screen.

    Each bulleted item opens a separate screen.