Best Web Design Trends of 2014

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Website design and development is evolving continually now. Rapid changes in this sector have made it very tough to come with updated websites. However, we have tried to put in a few discernible trends here that stand high chance to rule this year. Read full story here:

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2. March 01 2014What are the web design trends that you will see this year? The world of website design and development is changing continually. We bet on simplicity, cleanliness and focus upon small screen sizes. This collection is largely based upon observation and vaguely educated guesswork. I would like to share a few growing trends that we believe will blossom over 2014. Most of these trends have already been set in motion though there are also some that are beginning to dawn.FLAT USER INTERFACE WILL CONTINUE ITS GROWTH Flat design is a somewhat conservative designing approach and it increases usability. The advantages of flat design are widely recognised and implemented through clean appearance, open space, crisp edges, two dimensional flat illustration and bright colours. Flat designs abandon 3D and the shading techniques that were commonly used by web designers for simpler layout, flat colours and of course a less cluttered appearance. Clean beats fancy now. Windows 8 was quite influential in this respect. 3. MOBILE DEVICES WILL DOMINATE 2014Tablet and smartphone usage has skyrocketed now and they are presently overtaking desktop traffic for most websites. Mobile devices will dominate 2014, and thus the designers need to think again of user experience for the smaller screens. Need to adapt to mobile enabled user base can make organisations much more agile thereby driving innovation within enterprises. For most the phrase mobile first does not even apply. For them, mobiles come far down the list of priorities. Firms that opt for adaptive or responsive design, the return on investment is nothing short of absolutely majestic. 4. March 01 2014ITS NOW TIME FOR MORE SCROLLING Scrolling websites made its presence way back in 2012 but it was a relatively nascent trend during that time. It has grown substantially since that time perhaps because they are easier for execution. It can also be because the designers of today are now thinking more about tablet and mobile devices and ways to structure the design keeping swipe in mind. We will probably see more of horizontal scrolling, parallax scrolling, column-based scrolling and infinite scrolling this year and even beyond.INCORPORATION OF PERSONAL CONNECTION ACHIEVES DOMINANCE The simple portfolio websites are our favourite. Everyone wants to convey a bit of self but end up simply showcasing the work samples. It is important to form a human connection in order to keep people truly interested. The best way to accomplish this is through inclusion of your photograph somewhere. You can put up your photo and that of your team members in the about us section.CUSTOMISE YOUR IMAGE GALLERIES Growing integration of CSS and JavaScript allows developers produce exceptional new projects. The Image Galleries have been in trend for around a decade. We expect to see better solutions to image lighboxes and dynamic carousels this year. You can go through jQuery Gallery Plugins to begin learning and with time, you will certainly be able to construct your gallery plugin.WEB DESIGN TRENDS 2014 5. MEGA NAVIGATION MENUS ARE IN NOW Different types of fancy navigation features are tested and adopted now. The responsive websites are a part of it along with the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications. The mega navigation menus are growing now that expands to hold bigger blocks of content as well as links. These are common on websites publishing unique content in higher volumes. Have a look at the web forums and online magazines. Though it takes up space, it allows the readers a bigger option to navigate websites.HERE ARE FEW MORE FACETS THAT STAND SIGNIFICANT CHANCES OF GROWTH THIS YEAR: 1. Video or moving backgrounds 2. Richer content experience 3. Monochromatic design 4. Varying typography 5. Bigger and better imagery We have tried to pick up a few discernible trends for you. No doubt, we missed out on some. Please share your predictions and thoughts in the comments section.SOVA INFOTECH Suite 508, 1 Alie Street, London E1 8DE , UK Phone: 020 7096 1019 Fax: 020 7702 4125