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Question 1From my survey I can see that the most common age group were the Under 18s. As well as this the only people who answered were the younger generation, as you can see the only ages ranges filled in are the Under 18s and the age range 18-24. There are no people aged higher than this. This means that my magazine will be aimed towards teenagers. Meaning that my magazine can include informal language and other types of media within such as apps and games etc. My magazine can also include new upcoming bands and artists as the younger generation are generally interested in new aspects of music. My results, However may be slightly biased because my media class did answer the survey and all of them are under 18. But I did also include a link on my blog so people who have answered from there stop my results from being too biased. As anyone on the internet can answer from my blog.

Question 2From my results I can see that those who answered were generally female. However, males did answer the survey. My results are biased because my media class does consist of more females than males so my results represent the class. So because both genders did answer I am going to make my magazine appeal to both males and females. I will do this by including images of males and females inside the magazine- On the double page spread etc. And by making the colour scheme appeal to both by using vibrant colours that are not associated with males or females. Just using general colours that would appeal to the younger generation. As well as this I will use a font which attracts both genders. I will choose one which looks young which reflects the audience.

Question 3From this question I can see that my audience prefer Indie rock the most out of the choices given. Coming up second we have Rock. This means that my magazine will be based on the Rock genre. Within the rock genre we have different types such a alternative and indie. This genre will fit best because different people in my survey liked different aspects of rock. And by focusing my magazine on all of them it means my audience will have all the aspects of rock they like within. This benefits all my audience. I can also see that a fair amount liked other so this means that I could include festival advertisements as festivals tend to have different types of music in them. This means that all my audience will benefit in some way because the festivals will include all genres for everyone.

Question 4Question 4 shows that when my audience first look at a magazine they notice the main image first. This is by far the most popular answer. Meaning that when I make my magazine I shall make my main image intriguing in some way, I could make sure it is large so it is noticeable and also could include props to grasp the audiences attention. Props such as a guitar would fit well as Rock is the genre of my magazine. Musicians would notice the instrument and know what type of genre the magazine is about. So they would pick up the magazine and read it. The guitar would draw in the right audience. The colour scheme was the second most popular answer. This means that I will make sure the colours used stand out because my audience do look for the colours. So I would use vibrant colours to attract my audience.

Question 5The most popular colour scheme was Vibrant. This is good because from the previous questions I found that vibrant would be the most fitting colour choice. The colours I will use will draw in the younger generation and both genders. But the colours used will also be fitting to the genre I am going to do- Rock. In Rock magazine vibrant is the most common colour scheme so this choice links in well with my genre. I will use colours such as red, yellow, orange etc. Because these colours are vibrant and eye catching as well as being neutral colours because they are not aimed towards a certain gender. Neutral was a second choice. And I could use calmer not so bright colours inside my magazine.

Question 6The most popular content that my audience want is Interviews. So this means my magazine will consist of some band interviews. I could include interviews on double page spreads with a large image of the band on the top of the page. So when readers flick through they will see the band and read the article. I will include many interviews inside the magazine all artists who play different aspects of rock so one article of a indie rock band and another on a heavy rock band. This means my audience will have interviews of bands on the aspect of rock they like best. Upcoming events was close behind the interviews. This means that I will also include upcoming events such as festivals and gigs for this genre.

Question 7Question 7 shows that the most preferred band was Arctic Monkeys. Arctic Monkeys are an Indie Rock band so this means that I will include more information and content towards Indie Rock. For example, More interviews for Indie rock bands as Indie rock is the most popular. Red Hot Chili Peppers was close behind. They are a rock band so this fits in well with my genre because the genre of my magazine will be rock. Biffy Clyro is less known so this shows that my audience prefer well known artists. Meaning I will do band interviews of well known artists as my audience would like to know about the bands they do know rather than newer or less known artists. However, some did chose this band so this means I will include some content on bands which may not be so popular. This is so all my audience will be interested in my magazine.

Question 8Monthly was the most popular option here. This means that I will produce my magazine monthly. This is good because you will not run out of bands to interview like you would if you did it weekly. By producing it monthly the audience will be more willing to buy the magazine because it is not out every week this means that the magazine will have a higher readership/circulation because the audience will most definitely buy it. It will also be cheaper for the audience to buy monthly rather than weekly and this is good because the audience are younger and may not be able to afford a magazine every week. So this time scale fits well with the age range.

Question 9Question 9 shows that the audience prefer a more organised layout of the magazine. This means that my front cover will not include loads of advertisements and wont be full of information. It will be more organised and neat. With just the right amount of information on the front to draw in the audience. This means that the main image will be the most noticeable part of the front cover rather than the words. This links with a previous question as the main image was the most eye-catching aspect of a magazine front cover to my audience. This idea of an organised magazine fits in well with my audience. Inside the magazine will also be organised and neatly set out. This makes it easier for the audience to read the articles. And makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Question 10Question 10 shows that the reason my audience buy magazines is to see band interviews. This links with question 6 as my audience said that they would like this to be included within the magazine. Obviously because this is the reason they buy magazines. This means I shall include band interviews. The audience also buy magazines to be informed- This could be to be informed on upcoming events/gigs, and also to be informed on music chart information. As some of the respondents did say they would like a music chart. This means that I shall include lots of information about the genre of music so my audience can be informed.