Brisk's Tools of the trade: from lead to closed

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A walk through Brisk's tools for data analysis focusing on traffic and inbounds. Especially useful for SAAS companies.

Text of Brisk's Tools of the trade: from lead to closed

  • 1. From lead to closedA walkthrough of Brisks funnel metricsCarmen Mrquez Castro

2. categorised1998searched2010floated2014 3. Top-down, outreach.Good conversion (>4%)Slow product-feedback cycleLong, bespoke sales cycleJanuary - MayBottom-up, inbound.More leadsShorter feedback cycleLess-bespoke salesJune - 4. Customer Value~ $10 000$20 / user*month> 20 users> 2 year lifetime 5. Goal Q4Not make money, yetIncrease inboundToday 20-30 companies per weekGoal: 50 per weekIncrease retentionToday 10-20%Goal: +10% 6. DiscoveryInstall free versionPlease contact meTrialUpgradeOutreachDrip(started in September) 7. Traffic50% direct15% organic30% referral 40% Quora 20% listing sites 40% other5% otherDiscoveryInstall free versionConversion to install10% on site20% on chrome storeActivation40% of installs loginworking on taggingto get this down 8. TwitterLinkedIn*emailQuoraLinkedInMediumown blogMOOC/Educationlisting siteschrome storeSEOOutreachContentMarketingOrganicPaidFacebookTwitterLinkedInremarketingcontentrecommendation 9. MixpanelMailChimpBuiltWithLeadGeniusProspectAceProspectEyeAdrollTwitterLinkedInFacebookSprinkleTotangoZendeskDocuSignCustomer Lead generation Prospecting DripGoogle AnalyticsMixpanelSalesforceR, CSV,SpreadsheetsImages BriskAct Massage Gather & StoreAnalytics pipeline 10. OrganicChrome storeSearchContent MarketingBlogForumsDropbox style 2-sided sharing incentivesThey get 3 months premium,you get 3 months premium 11. Thanks!