What Did You Say? Six Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

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You've dreamt about it at one time or another. Telling off that supervisor or manager who really makes your blood boil would be satisfying, wouldn't it? Well, keep fantasizing all you want because you should never go through with it.


  • 1. LAWCROSSINGTHE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTHRESUME MAVEN www.lawcrossing.com1. 800.973.1177SPONSORED BY ATTORNEY RESUME What Did You Say? Six Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss [By Mary Waldron] Youve dreamt about it at one time or another. Telling off that supervisor or manager who really makes your blood boil would be satisfying, wouldnt it? Well, keep fantasizing all you want because you should never go through with it. Dont even save it for your last day. Its just not worth it.In addition to those tell-it-like-it-is moments into a meeting or call with this line, with no you. Many times, unless your firm is in thethat youd love to let loose at the office, there explanation, is disrespectful and tacky. top tier, projects that do not directly relate toare a few specific phrases that you really your job will get assigned to you. It actuallyshould keep to yourself. Read on to find outAny time you want to talk to your boss about happens more often than not.some of the most annoying and damagingsomething, whatever it may be, give him orcomments you can make to your boss. her a quick synopsis in a phone call, email, Dont look at these assignments as time-or message. That way, if its a matter thatconsuming, mindless tasks. These are actually1. I know what Im doing. can be cleared up without meeting or at alittle jewels that you can leverage to get yourmore appropriate time, his or her time can next raise. When its time to be reviewed for aIn a successful business relationship,be saved. The one thing you never want toraise, you will have a neat collection of extraespecially if you are lower on the food chain waste or disrespect is your bosss time. completed tasks that will hopefully boost yourthan the other person, there should be somechances of getting more money.level of humility and a willingness to grow I used to work with an employee who wouldand improve as a professional. So when your do this sort of thing to our boss almost on aTaking on additional responsibilities alsosuperior criticizes how you approached adaily basis; it was out of control. She wouldhelps establish your reliability, trust, andproject or a situation, you really should takemarch to his office, knock on his open door, team-player attitude in the eyes of your boss.heed. Usually there are some good reasons say, I need to talk to you about a couple This is priceless in terms of your current job,that person is above you, and you should take things, walk in, and sit down before he could as well as your careers future.his or her advice seriously.even say anything. 4. I didnt have time to do it.Even if what your superior says is illogical, Although my former boss should haveunethical, or just plain wrong, you shouldstood up for himself and sent her away,Im not asking you to lie to your boss. Yes,accept the words with open arms and this employees behavior was incrediblysometimes you wont have enough time toattempt to find some sort of use for them.disrespectful and annoying. She wouldcomplete everything on time, but this shouldBesides, an ego-driven comment like Idemand our bosss attention for matters that not happen when your boss is waiting forknow what Im doing, no matter how muchhe had no time forhe had more important something. If your boss assigns you a task,you think you know, sounds uncooperative, things to worry about. She usually would get it done as soon as possibleeven beforeclosed-minded, ignorant, and rude. Even the vent about her problems with completinghe or she needs it. This will help build yourmost seasoned professionals admit that they her tasks and duties, which voiced a morecredibility with him or her.learn new things every day in their careers,serious problem, I think. But the point is youand that really is the truth. So dont shootneed to value your bosss time and try toIf you have a boss who assigns you five to 10yourself in the foot by making such a boldsolve your jobs problems and issues without gigantic extra tasks per week, all with theand arrogant statement. cornering him or her in an office. same due date, okay, yes, you have an issue. My point is you should take action on every2. We need to talk. Its important. 3. Thats not part of my job description.single task assigned by your boss as soon as you can. Prioritize your tasks and strive toThis one is a killer. I wish more professionals If your boss asks you to put on a chickencomplete those which must be done on time.realized what a nuisance this is. Bothering suit and do the Macarena, you do it. Okay, Iyour boss about an insignificant matter isguess thats a bit degrading, but my point isIf you cannot complete a task by its due date,bad enough, but trying to trap him or her you should do whatever your boss asks of do all that you can for the time being so thatPAGE continued on back

2. LAWCROSSINGTHE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTHRESUME MAVENwww.lawcrossing.com 1. 800.973.1177SPONSORED BY ATTORNEY RESUMEwhen you have to answer to your boss about from making it to your dinner date on time,If the issue is really not your fault, youthe task, you can report on its progress and you need to bite your tongue. Sometimesshould still handle the situation carefullypinpoint a date when it will be done. Wereyou need to work late to complete timely and gracefully. Im not asking you to createnot machines, but if we manage our timeassignments, and sometimes you need to a faade for your boss. Choose your wordsproperly, we can at least get the ball rolling work late to show your boss that youre acarefully in situations where someone elseon most tasks, even if we physically dont superstar in his or her company. Its just is at fault for the failure of a project. Presenthave the time to complete them.the way life is. Again, as with doing extrahow you contributed to the project and work, you need to tough it out to work towardexplain everything from your point of view.Some bosses dont even particularly care greater rewards. Then your boss will see your side of the storywhether the task is done; they just like to and figure out whose fault it is without youtest employees or see how well they can6. That was so-and-sos fault. even mentioning the guilty party.execute the task. So if you walk into yourbosss office and tell him or her you didnt Blame: another ugly thing to see anhave time to finish your task, you will have employee do. Never lower yourself tofailed the test and lost major credibility pointing fingers in front of your boss. If youpoints.did screw up, admit it to your boss and take the heat. If you simply apologize and do5. Its 5:00 p.m. Im going home.what you can to help fix the problem, your boss will see that you learned a lesson, andEven if your boss schedules a meeting with hopefully he or she will move on from it.you at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, keeping youPAGE