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Actuate's Presentation on Gamification, Given at Evans Data Corp's Developer Relations Conference 2012.

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  • 1. Shall We Play A Game?Using Game Mechanics toBuild CommunityNobby Akiha, SVP MarketingRay Gans, Community ManagerActuate Corporation

2. Agenda Introduction and Community Objectives Concepts What Is Gamification? Rewards Plans & Accomplishments Business Objectives Roll Out Future Directions Get Started 3. Actuate and BIRTActuate proposed and started Actuate Joins Eclipse Foundation BIRT as Strategic DeveloperBusiness Intelligenceand Board Member and Reporting Tools ProjectAdds BI and Reporting a top-level Eclipse projectas Open Source Project Professional open source Primary development resources funded by Actuate Contributions from many sourcesIBM, Innovent Solutions and community AUGUST 2004 4. Business PerspectiveEnterprise SolutionsEnterprise-wide Deployment by Large CorporationsCommercial Development Tools ExpandedDevelopment byAny Organization Open Source Early Adoption by a Eclipse BIRTMillion Developers- Free - 5. Why Invest in a Community? Provide medium to expose commercial products Find new customers Leverage outside expertise to increase site value Create new content Provide support Receive feedback Build buzz and excitement One stop shop for sharing: News & Events Technical content & expertise Show appreciation Recognize and reward desired behavior 6. Shall We Play A Game? 7. What is Gamification Creating games to advertise products or services Building reward systems to foster brand loyalty Using games to educate or drive behavior The use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage users and solve problems. Gabe Zichermann 8. Gamification: What Its Not 9. Its Not About Playing Games Gamification is not entertainment but Applying appealing aspects of games for business and/or learning purposes to improve Customer Engagement Product or Brand Loyalty & Buzz Expert Retention Use fun to engage the interest of an audience and make what youre selling/teaching exciting Reward them for their successes 10. Rewards Most Humans Crave Satisfying Work Games give us clearer missions and more satisfying, hands- on work The Experience (or at least hope) of Success Games eliminate our fear of failure and improve our chances for success Social Connection Games build stronger social bonds and lead to more active social networks Meaning Games make us part of something bigger and give epic meaning to our actions from Reality Is Broken by Jane McGonigal 11. Recognition is Coin of the Realm 12. Rewards That Work SAPS Status Badges, Trophies and Leaderboards Access Premium content Exclusive beta programs Conference/trade show perks Power Control (over others or over site content) Stuff Prizes & Earned Incentives (monetary or material) Can be powerful but probably least effective long term from Gamification By Design by Zichermann & Cunningham 13. Game Mechanics and Constructs Points Levels Leaderboards Badges & Trophies Virtual Currency Karma Customization Onboarding Challenges and Quests Social Engagement Loops 14. Social Engagement Loop MotivatingEmotion VisibleExternalProgress Response or Reward Social Callto Actionadapted from Gamification by Design 15. Sage AdviceJust make people better at something they want to bebetter at.When your goals and your users goals are truly aligned, youdont need pixie dust. Dont out-spend, dont out-friend, andplease dont out-badge. There is a world of differencebetween helping someone *appear* more awesome andhelping them actually BE more awesome.Kathy Sierra 16. Gamification by Design Good introduction toconcepts and mechanics 3 hour companion video:Gamification Master Classwith Gabe Zichermann Authors Gabe Zichermann Christopher Cunningham 17. Reality Is Broken Explains why games are psychologically important Heavy video game focus Promotes restructuring work/life to become more personally rewardingAuthor Jane McGonigal 18. What Weve Done at Actuate 19. Business Objectives Increase registrations Learn more about our community Demographics Motivations Interests Increase contributions Improve stickiness Understand what will keep people coming back 20. Roll Out Leaderboard Badging System Weekly Polls Contests Levels (planned) Challenges (planned) Dashboard (planned) Affiliations (planned) Social Networking (planned) 21. Leaderboard Monthly compilation Badges awarded 1st, 5th, 10th, All contributions get points Start forum thread Answer forum question Submit technical article Comment on blog post etc. All leaders thanked via personal e-mail 22. Badges Awarded for contributionsand participation Leaderboard appearances Forum posts Contest wins Technical submissions Voted in a poll? etc. Easy to get the first one Assigned in real time Linked to award info 23. Polls Nice way to get feedback Exploratory award Badge for first vote 24. Contests Developer Contests Typically just appeals todevelopers who have time Explain specifically whatyou want give examples Can be good forjumpstarting interest Protect yourself in thecontest rules involve legal 25. Where To Next 26. Future Directions Social Networking Leverage game mechanics to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Customer Engagement and Evangelism Investigate fun ways to get customer feedback Look at means to recognize customer champions Advertising and Brand Loyalty Tie marketing efforts to appropriate gamified activities Training and Certification Create paths towards developer certification through learning activities and earned training credits Product Demos and Trials Look into rewards for commercial product evaluation 27. How To Get Started Books Gamification by Design by Zichermann & Cunningham Reality Is Broken by Jane McGongigal Videos Gamification Master Class with Gabe Zichermannfrom OReilly Media Conferences Gamification Summit June 19-21, 2012 @ San Francisco Vendors Badgeville Bunchball BigDoor 28. Its Your Move But Dont Rush It