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  • 1. We wanted to promote MLB in India Why? Because MLBs international ambitions are audacious. MLB has been helping baseball organizations in India since the 1980s. In 2008 MLB talent scouts carried out a hunt for pitching talent through a reality TV show in India and signed two javelin throwers for training in the US. India is bursting with curiosity for experiences of the rest of the world. The market for world sports in India is growing in leaps and bounds. People fall in love with a sport over the course of centuries. The origins of baseball in Japan and Latin America, the next best home of baseball outside the US, date back to the late 19th Century. In that case, how could we promote baseball in a culture that defines itself by its love for baseballs sibling, cricket?
  • 2. INDIA VISION Every once in a while an infatuation will transcend the scope of its meaning and bloom into a passionate pursuit for the unattainable. A single response to a flirtatious gesture is all it takes to arrest two into an eternal conversation. Attraction transports one to the surface, then surface fades to reveal another, and yet another, luring one in. Baseball looks at adolescent India from the corner of its Looking through its own prism, adolescent Indias eyes. Content with its inheritance, cricket, India has always infatuation will mature bewitched by an aggressive, straight- dismissed this infatuation till recent times. talking and unforgiving organism: a game that puts individuals on the spotlight and keeps each on their toes; a game that Baseball is seductive because it is American like Coca Cola and rewards the opportunist yet unforgiving with its small window Pizza Hut. They are all glossy and slick, big and provocative. of opportunity. Adolescent India will relate with the audacity Baseball is fashionable with its shiny metallic bats, extravagant in the proclaimed intent to hit high in the air, deep in the with leather gloves in every fielders hand, provocative with its field or out of the park. They will appreciate the informality franchise names, logos, and outfits. in the liberty to throw the bat after the job of hitting is done. Today baseball is played by a secret few who leverage their skills in cricket shirt. By 2012, ESPNSTAR will have Dilip Kudwalli, who scored Indias to indulge in this infatuation. More will pick up the game to stand out. first run, with a home-run in the Asian Championships in 1987, at their Younger kids will step up inspired by their older brothers and sisters. At studious as an expert panelist on the World Series. The same year, 13 theyll play on soccer fields with imaginary diamonds sharing one bat Nathans would have opened shop in India with paneer hotdog on its menu. By amongst 10. By 18 they will arrange night outs to watch the New York 2020 an Indian will pitch for an MLB franchise. In 25 years baseball will Yankees play rivals Red Sox. Theyll watch it in one of their friends be one of many sports India indulges in. A ten year old would have a home or a sports cafe or on their HP Inspiron laptop over the internet. cricket bat, a soccer ball, a basketball and a baseball in his room. One of them will have a Yankee hat on, another will have a Red Sox t- Our objective is to offer a flirtatious gesture seeking that first response.
  • 3. &INDIA Finding common ground Baseball is a game of Hustlers Tr a n s i t i o n i n g f r o m Get to the point: Do or Die 3 Strikes, No Quarter socialistic abstention to Under the Spotlight On your Toes individualistic indulgence Celebrate those who see a run where there is none Baseball is a product of a value system Baseball = America Hungry for diverse cultural experiences of the world Surging self esteem fueled by economic boom. In turn, inspires ambitions to design destiny Acknowledge global spotlight and seek attention at the individual level
  • 4. Strategy Introduce: break the ice with a wider sports-fan-base Experience: extend a home for interested folk to experience Baseball Learn: help young players seek mentors Introduced MLB as Baseball and Baseball as The Hustlers Game. We made posters meant to be distributed through sports magazines.
  • 5. Designed MLB Loungea few concept stores in select citiesas a destination where one can experience baseball. The stores would have batting cages, bleachers to watch MLB games on big screens, a restaurant that serves hot dogs, and some equipment and merchandise.
  • 6. Find a Basepal: A community website where Indian teenagers picking up baseball could seek mentorship or just hang-out with baseball fans from the US who are keyed in to MLB. Jake Dubs - Copywriter | Aditi Sheorey - Communication Strategist | Husayn Raza - Art Director | Sriram Venkitachalam - Brand Strategist

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