Social Selling and Social CRM Seminar with Shane Gibson

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Social Selling and Social CRM Seminar with Shane Gibson

Text of Social Selling and Social CRM Seminar with Shane Gibson

  • 1.Saying you dontbelieve in socialmedia is like sayingyou dont believe inthe internet

2. 1. You have hired morons even if you trainedthem they would just be motivated morons.2. You have so much profitable business thatyou couldnt handle any more3. Your product is substandard4. Your company and culture have majorissues5. You havent or will not equip them 3. 1. Its not marketing itstalking to customers2. It adds to value addedfrequency versus justsales touch-points3. It opens up new channels4. It can save time5. Load balance yourbranding we all becomeambassadors6. Immediate data instead ofcompiled and stale data7. It makes them almost assmart as your customer8. You can see the activity9. It builds a passive pipelineand makes projectionseasier It builds a fencearound the customer10. It elevates sales peopleabove pitch artist totrusted advisor 4. is about creating anenvironment where an act offaith can take place 5. Value added frequent contact consistentlyover time. More value and more time means moretrust 6. #1 Stop pitching and start connecting#2 Doers win in the game of social media#3 Its not about you#4 Be fearless in your contribution tocommunity#5 Dont be a social spammer, engage#6 Be authentic#7 Be consistent#8 Leverage through influencers andcommunity 7. CATEGORYUSERS NON-USERSRETAIN DEVELOP REGAIN GAINAAbsoluteBBeneficialCConvenientHigh Yield& LargerInvestmentLower Yield& SmallerInvestmentPro-Active &High Relation-ship SellingPassive &Lower Rela-tionship SellingThe ABCs of Targeting 8. Calls1st2nd3rd4th5th &OnwardConverted2 of 1003 of 984 of 9510 of 9181 of 81Percentage2%3%4%10%81%(100 Competitors Clients Converted) 9. Customer/Community blogs and socialnetworks Competitor/Industry news, blogs, andsocial networks 10. SCRMSocialemailValuesPreferencesDataRelationshipHistoryBusiness IntelPersonal Intel360 viewSCRM 11. Sharing Tools Industry Blogs Geographic and Vertical Specific News Experts list Zite 12. 1. Align with Business Goals2. Identify Your Your Nano-markets3. Pick the Right Platforms4. Map out Social Media Policy & Educate5. Map out Your Plan6. Implement Listening and EngagementStrategy7. Create focused content/conversations8. Scale through community and relationships 13.