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Pawan Deshpande, CEO & Founder at Hivefire, discusses how to launch a fast and effective content curation program with the tools you already have in-house. #contentnow Content Marketing Strategies Conference - May 2012.


  • 1.Content CurationFeeding the Content Beast Pawan DeshpandeCurata, Inc.

2. @TweetsFromPawan CONTENTMARKETING 3. @TweetsFromPawanEthical Sharing of Content MP3IMLogic &Symantec 4. @TweetsFromPawanIntelligence from Content Microsoft 5. @TweetsFromPawanEmpowering ContentCreationcontentmarketingGoogle 6. @TweetsFromPawanAccessibility of ContentMIT 7. @TweetsFromPawanCuration of Content Curata (formerlyHiveFire) 8. @TweetsFromPawanWhat Great Content can dofor youThoughtLeadershipGreatContent LeadNurturing do great things forGreat content can 9. @TweetsFromPawanGreat content worksThe more content you produce, the more likely you are to acquire a 10. @TweetsFromPawanMoveable TypeYear 11. @TweetsFromPawanTypewriterYear 12. @TweetsFromPawanWord Processor Year 13. @TweetsFromPawanInternet 1990s 14. @TweetsFromPawanBlogging Year 15. @TweetsFromPawanTwitterYear 16. @TweetsFromPawanMarketer=Publisher 17. @TweetsFromPawanHow do youproduce all that content? 18. @TweetsFromPawanThe Content Beasts MenuYour content beast needs a lot ofcontent, 19. @TweetsFromPawanHungry again?Your content beast has a high 20. What are your content marketing@TweetsFromPawanchallenges? Content marketing requires time 21. What are your main objectives of @TweetsFromPawan content curation?Content curators have the same goals as content marketers. 22. @TweetsFromPawanContent Yum!Curatio n 23. @TweetsFromPawan Content Curation DefinedA Content Curator issomeone who continuallyfinds, groups, organizes andshares the best and mostrelevant content on aspecific issue online. - Rohit Bhargava, Ogilvy 24. @TweetsFromPawan The Content Curation ProcessContent curation = Find, Organize, 25. @TweetsFromPawanCuration in MuseumsYou can create value simply by 26. Examples@TweetsFromPawanin thePublishing& Media 27. @TweetsFromPawanCuration & Aggregation for News50% of the top U.S. media sites have astrong curation or aggregation 28. @TweetsFromPawan 29. @TweetsFromPawan 30. @TweetsFromPawan 31. @TweetsFromPawan 32. @TweetsFromPawanThe 3 Stepsof Content Curation 33. @TweetsFromPawanThree ways of curating content Manual Hire an intern. Ducktape - Piece togetherseveral tools. Go Pro - Use content curationsoftware 34. @TweetsFromPawanStep 1: Find Content Sources Tools RSS Feeds Feed Reader = Google News Sites Reader Blogs News = Google News Search Trade Pubs Blogs = Google Blog Twitter Search Journals Twitter = Twitter Lists Email NewslettersSchedule a regular and consistenttime 35. @TweetsFromPawanFinding a topic 36. @TweetsFromPawanStep 2: Organize Content Use categories Categoriz and tags in blogesoftware. Tag Group Make your CTA Indexpoint to another piece of content. Archive Recomme Create digestsnd and roll-upThink like a librarian when summaries. 37. @TweetsFromPawanStep 3: Share Content Website / ToolsMicrosite CMS / Blogging Blog Software Mobile devices Email Marketing Software Email Hootsuite /Newsletter TweetDeck EmbeddableWidgets Feeds Share content everywhere your 38. @TweetsFromPawan 39. How do you share content@TweetsFromPawanwith customers andprospects? 40. @TweetsFromPawan Content Curation & Fair Use Share only a portion ofthe original content. Always attribute sources. Drive visitors to theoriginal publication. Follow the Google Ruleof Thumb Create, curate, but never pirate 41. @TweetsFromPawan Think beyond your own brand Includecompetitorcontent Include contentthat may notagree with yourposition Need this tobecome a trustedand reliable You may need to curate competitorauthority to become a thought leader.content 42. @TweetsFromPawanExamples ofContent Im full!Curation &Marketing 43. @TweetsFromPawan 44. @TweetsFromPawan 45. @TweetsFromPawan 46. @TweetsFromPawan 47. @TweetsFromPawanOrganization Reform Patient Business Accountable Consumer CostCareImpact ContainmentOrganizatio Vendorns CharityManagement Cost PatientReduction CollectionsObligations Scoring Contracting Community Improving ICD-10BenefitCollections Value BasedPurchasing Quality Business Payment ImprovementProcessModels PatientImprovement OptimizingFriendly Cost ReductionWorkflow EmployeeBilling Meaningful ProductivityUse Patient Access 48. @TweetsFromPawan 49. @TweetsFromPawan 50. @TweetsFromPawanWe doubled our traffic this quarter over las We have e-newsletter open rates of 20-25% and more than doubled newsletter subscriptions in only 4 months! Ive tried to do this before, and the cost would have been astronomical even just the interface would be $5,000 - $10,000 it would probably require a full-time staffmember working on it we spend maybe 20 minutes to an hour a weekworking on it. 51. @TweetsFromPawanPicking the right tool Get started by following,organizing, and sharing manually asa part of your daily routine. Just share to one channel that youalready use to start. When you are ready to step it up,look into dedicated curation tools. 52. @TweetsFromPawanAt some point, its going to bepainfulIf I had to process just the 600 itemsevery single day that I had to manageon the Curata site, it would bephysically impossible. I justcouldnt do it.Gary Kim. Blogger. Carrier Evolution. When you are ready, try Curata for free. 53. @TweetsFromPawanLearn how to feed yourContent Beast5 Simple Steps to BecomingThe Open and Shut Casea Content Curation Rockstar for Content Curationin only 19 minutes a dayDownload eBooks at