Niche Social Media Marketing: Pinterest, Instagram and

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If youre already growing your marketing presence and getting exposure on Facebook and Twitter, perhaps it's time to grow bigger by thinking... smaller.There are tons of new networks with targeted audiences gaining popularity and generating buzz, and many brands are finding success with the targeted audiences of niche social media sites. Were not saying you should abandon the bigger sites like Facebook theyre great for getting exposure to a bigger audience. But when you need to hone your message just right, niche networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and are the place to do it.


  • 1.Niche Social MarketingPinterest, Instagram,

2. Benefits of Social NetworksBrand PersonalityExposureLow CostInteractive 3. Niche Networks- Find one thats right for your business- Engage more directly with target audience 4. How Do You Find a Niche Network?Look at your competitionGoogle 5. How Do You Get Noticed?Share news on other social networks 6. How Do You Get Noticed?Research hash tags 7. How Do You Get Noticed? SHARE AWESOME STUFF!! 8. Questions?