The New Big 3: Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest

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Social media trends shift so fast, most dealerships cant keep up, but you dont have that problem. Well cut away the hype and get right to the core of applying surging social media to your dealerships digital marketing. Beginners and experts alike can benefit from this clarification of these three social services, by getting a basic blueprint of how they fit your business. Too important to ignore and too complex to research, these new big 3 social media sites have enticed and confounded dealerships. Our KPA Internet Marketing expertise gives you an intensive look at how they work best in the auto industry. Pinterest, Instagram, FoursquareThe New Big 3 and Your Dealership avoids abstracts by sticking to proven techniques and sound automotive-marketing strategies. Learn about The Importance of Syncing, a tactic critical to social success with Pinterest, and understand why The Visual Web means you tune out from Instagram at your peril. You can count on this hour-long webinar to clue you in, keep your strategy current and command Pinterest, Instagram, and Foursquare to the fullest.


  • 1.The New Big 3: Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest Matthew C. Funk Social Media Marketer September 6, 2012

2. The New Big 3: Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest Matthew C. Funk Social Media Marketer September 6, 2012 3. Copyright 2011 TK Carsites, Inc. All rights reserved. @TKCarsitesinc TK Carsites Social Networks Chat with us during the Webinar on Facebook and Twitter! 4. Whats A Big Three? Popular Relevant Strategic Doesnt replace the current big three: Facebook, Twitter, G+ 5. The New Big Three 6. Bringing the Big 3 to Your Dealership What? Why? Who? How? When? 7. Instagram What? Social Photos with Filters Why? Internet = Visual Medium Who? You + 1 How? Impulse When? Now 8. Instagram: What Photo Sharing Used on Mobile Linked to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Uses filters, locations, hashtags All at no cost 9. Instagram: Why Internet is visual Personal touch Ease of use 10. Instagram: Who Select yourself or a rep Appoint a rep in Sales Car lover, pref. volunteer Take the 10 to educate them Test run, then floor it 11. Instagram: How 1. Download from AppStore/Google Play 2. Sync to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest 3. Pinstagram 4. Snap shots 5. Hashtag and location 12. Instagram: When Now Operate on Impulse Quantity, Not Quality Shows personality and pride in product Purpose is brand relevance 13. Foursquare: What Mobile Check-in Location Based Linked to OpenMapGraph Incentive Driven Additional Marketing Cost 14. Foursquare: Why Mobile Check-ins on the Rise Youre a Place Strategic Synergy: Getting them in the Dealership 15. Foursquare: Who You and Marketing Get Service Involved Best Rep for Feedback Take the 10 to educate them Explore Commercial Partnerships Shout it from the Rooftops 16. Foursquare: How 1. Download from AppStore/Google Play 2. Claim Your Business 3. Establish Specials 4. Link with Dashboard 5. Involve Existing Marketing 17. Foursquare: When 1 Month Prior Event Operate with Planning 1 Hour Per Week Another Marketing Outlet Purpose Boosts Strategy 18. Pinterest: What Social Photo Pinboard Visual Sharing Linked to iPhone Online Browsing No Additional Cost 19. Pinterest: Why Increasing Popularity Online Showroom Consumer Affinity Capturing Buzz Ahead of the Game 20. Pinterest: Who You and Marketing Get Sales Involved Best Car Aficionado Take the 10 to educate them Feeds to Facebook, Twitter Plan Around Releases, Events 21. Pinterest: How 1. Download from AppStore/Google Play 2. Set Model Boards 3. Sync to Social 4. Schedule Time to Play 5. Allot Additional Marketing 22. Pinterest: When Soon Use Additional Planning 1 Hour Per Week Prime Marketing Outlet Stay Atop Metrics 23. Useful Links Instagram: tips-tricks Foursquare: Pinterest: pinning-it-pinterest-138405


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