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National Association of Counties MSW Mgmt forum in Fort Lauderdale...

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  • 1.Getting the Max out of your MRF:Strategies for Increasing Revenuesfrom Materials Recovery Facilities Contracts2012 County Forum on Innovative WasteManagement, May 25th 2012 Phil Bresee, Broward County Recycling ProgramManager

2. Recent MSW and Recycling Trendsin Broward County* WTE = Gross amount combusted 2 3. Broward Countys Recycling Services:MRF Contract Cities provide for municipal solidwaste (MSW) and recyclingcollection services All 31 Broward cities provide some level of residential recycling service County assists 26 partner citiescurbside recycling throughmanagement of MaterialsRecovery Facility (MRF) contract Single-Stream since 2009 75,000 tons in FY 2012 1.2 million tons of Countyrecyclables since FY 1994 County rebates cities3 4. A History of MRFsSingle-stream Birth of modern MRF MRFs begin to state legislative actionsemergeChina and local government becomes major initiatives buyer re-1980sate 1980s 990s 2000012Managed source-separated materialTransitions to dual-streams...Scrap dealers & vertically streamdriven byintegrated companies (Weyerhauser, collectionsAlcoa, Anheuser Bush) efficiencies, need for more through-putLimited involvement from MSWindustry 5. The Evolution of Curbside RecyclingPhoto courtesy City of Minneapolis 6. Single-Stream Recycling: Keep it Simple... Single-Stream Tonnage Increases from Select Cities Single-stream invariably results in/ Counties (in %)*increased recyclables collections 140% 120% Increased participation through resident 100%/ customer convenience; no sorting of 80%program recyclables required. 60%40% Cart and added capacity 20% Outreach and promotion 0% d. tyty I o. Fl MWun un ,CInitially driven by: , .,rt, Co on Co Cor ua veiseSt er s enad ad e llirg D i-D M Improvements in MRF processing Coeom G iae M ncsystems and technology. iPr Movement towards automatedMSW and recycling collections. Demand for recovered paper byAsian markets in last 10-years. 7. Single-Stream MRF Technology MRFs use a wide range of technologies Recyclables processed using screens, trommels, opticalsorting, air knifes, eddy currents, etc. Speed and angles of processing lines calibrated Residue rates decreasing (