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MySchoolHelp is a place where high school and college students can find and share notes from their classmates.

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TeamBen Lang - Founder

Jake Essman

Nick Donnelly

Amanda Aizuss

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ProblemFinding and sharing notes in high school


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• RamazHelp.com• High school note sharing site • Launched in 2009

• Gained 70% adoption by the student body

It works in real life

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Year 1 Year 20








Notes uploaded

Growing success

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• MySchoolHelp.com - Beta test• 2 weeks – early June• 2 NYC high schools• 800 total students • 143 sets of notes uploaded

• 58 schools added in past 6 weeks

It works in real lifeAgain…

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School pages

• Categories• Notes• Leaderboard

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Shared notes• Download• Favorite• Report• Rate• Share• Related notes• Comments

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• Access to notes• Learn and interact with peers• Improve grades

Contributors• “Feel good” factor• Time saver• Leaderboard

School administration• Collaboration

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Advertising and sponsorships• Within notes

Long term• Study guides• Premium features


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Market• Focus on private schools• Expand to public schools over time

Target• Influential students• Students governments• Tech oriented teachers

Social• .


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Roadmap• September: iPhone app• February: Premium study guides• July: 500 active schools

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Demand“MySchoolHelp was the epicenter of all my studying, an absolute academic life saver for me and every other student at my school.”

- Zachary Weiner

“In my opinion what you have is exactly what is needed in education.”

-Al GonzalezScience Teacher

"I’m going off to college in a few weeks, and I can truthfully say I would have never gotten through school without RamazHelp.”

- Shalti Serels