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Luka abrus building a successful local mobile app luka abrus

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Luka Abrus (Shoutem) - Building a successful local mobile app

Text of Luka abrus building a successful local mobile app luka abrus

  • 1. Building a successful local mobile app
    Luka AbrusFive Minutes CEOShoutEm Member of the Board

2. Introduction
Five Minutes
Croatian company, 35 employees, started in 2007
Mobile applications, social media
Your mobile social network, started in 2008
Branded iPhone & Android apps
News, Community, Events, Places, Check-ins
Still work in progress, first paying customers
VC investment 1.2m$ in 2010
3. What did we learn?
Huge buzz, rewards, mentions
25.000+ networks created
The idea seems great at a glance
90% of all networks live less than 2 weeks
Only the most persistent Community Managers succeeded in creating vibrant communities
4. Key factors (for a successful local community)
News, real-time local updates
Information sharing, access from everywhere
Service information
Event & place guide, discounts, special offers
Local info & reviews on local businesses
Community background
Strong common interest
Community existing in an offline world
5. Community background
Checking-in is still an emergent behavior (07/2010)
84% US users unaware of the concept
4% US adults use these apps
80% male, and 70% ages 19-35
Application / community per se doesnt work
Would the community benefit from a mobile app?
Competing with local media web-sites, Facebook groups, Twitter, Google Search, Google Maps
6. Location as a platform
Bing Maps, Google Maps, third-party maps
Google API, FourSquare API
W3C Geolocation API in HTML 5
Reuse your web-sites content
Integrate with an event-provider
Local portal, local contact person your advantage!
7. Augmented reality
Additional value easy to achieve
ARKit, ARToolkit, NyARToolkit, Android AR Kit, Qualcomm AR SDK
Finding information in space
Where are they? (check-in)
Where is that store promotion?
Where is the nearest store?
8. Location-based mobile apps application
Applicable in multiple verticals
Retail, real estate, travel, consumer, food, transportation
You guide the user where you want him to go
Where do you spend your money?
Online or offline?
9. How can you use local mobile apps
Additional service, communication channel
Offer special deals to your customers
Lead them to your store
Make them think about you again and again
Raise brand awareness?
10. Who are you up against?
Competition is heating up
Facebook started with Places, Yelp with checkins
Groupon is all over the place, local copies
FourSquare and Gowalla are ahead in marketing
In the past - language barrier
Now the local barrier
Use existing assets & learn from others!
11. What can you offer to the customers?
Offer specials to get people through the door
Add incentives to keep them coming back
Tie it to your loyalty program
Reward your mayor
Take visitors on a tour
12. High-level principles
Integrate with others
Share on Facebook, Twitter
Reuse existing locations
E.g. import them from FourSquare
Or set up your own system
Connect to your website
Use existing data, events, content
Push content back from mobile to web
Use the users location to add value
13. Simple example
Add your specific content
Connect your userbase
Be prepared for feedback
Create and manage your community
Location-based content as secondary, but crucial
14. Thank you!
Luka AbrusFive Minutes CEOShoutEm Member of the Boardgsm+385 99 [email protected]

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