How Interior Lighting Affects the Ambiance

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  • 1. How Interior Lighting Affects the Ambiance For years, research has shown a strong correlation between lighting and peoples moods. As a species, we have evolved to work around the sun and its natural lighting. If its bright out, then its time to rise and shine and get our work done. If its dark out, then its time to rest and get ready for the next day. These instincts have stuck with us through time, making it possible to easily create a mood with lighting. Lighting as Accents Because of our natural tendency to want to relax with soft or dimmer lights, and our inclination to move more when its lighter, we can use these to our advantage. Using lighting to accent an area can add interest, appeal and tone to a room. You can use affordable lighting to create a warm reading corner by just adding extra pillows or a nice sofa or chair for sitting. You can also use track lighting over a particular area to help it stand out, as well as to create a focal point in a room. Lighting in the Bedroom When creating a mood of warmth and comfort in the bedroom, youll want the right led recessed lighting or set of lamps. The LED wont have to be replaced as often and will use less wattage, so it is a wise investment. The light should be soft and warm, inspiring people to relax and linger. Too bright of a light in the bedroom will create a more excited state, rather than a relaxed and calm state. You can also decide to use home accessories, such as stylish Victorian table lamps, to create the look you are after, like those found at Stewart Lighting. A Dimmer Switch Can Create Lighting Perhaps youre looking to create lighting that is able to give two different moods. In the dining room, for instance, you may want to be able to enjoy both bright lighting and soft, romantic lighting for dining. If youre having a nice, personal dinner, dimming the lights to give the room ambiance is a wonderful option to have. On the other hand, when working on a family project at the dinner table, it will be nice to have lights that you can easily turn from dim to bright. This will not only help you see well enough to easily get everything done correctly, but it will also help to inspire you to work hard to get the project done.Businesses Use Lighting to Affect Emotions Lets look at fast food vs. fine dining establishments to explain how lighting affects the mood. In most fast food joints, youll notice the lighting will be bright. That is because research indicates bright lights help to keep people in a work mode; therefore, theyll not want to linger in these

2. restaurants. You could say the lighting is tailored to create a mood of get in and get out. When you enter a higher-end restaurant, youll note that the lighting is dim and creates a romantic atmosphere. This lighting is set up to inspire the feeling of relaxation. This is also done intentionally, because these businesses prefer that their clients stay longer, lingering over their meal and ordering another round of drinks. For more information visit us at:


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