Kitchen Lighting - Creating Ambiance

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Lights On Lights Off: Kitchen Lighting If you have decided that your Kitchen needs a new look, you're probably wondering where you should start. Our latest presentation will provide you with all the tips you need for designing your new Kitchen. These tips include how to save space, some modern creative design ideas and how to incorporate your Kitchen lighting to make the room feel bigger and brighter. For more information and and a fantastic range of Kitchen lights, visit us at:


  • Kitchen Lighting Creating Ambiance
  • Kitchen Lighting o It can be tricky to enhance the lighting in your kitchen o As it is the room within the home in which most tasks are undertaken, it is important to create a good balance of lighting in the kitchen o These fantastic tips will help you to make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter
  • Use Every Inch of Space o Creating space within your kitchen allows your lighting to appear more prominent within the room o If you have high ceilings, you could install floor to ceiling cupboards with pull-out shelves o Use hooks and hanging racks for things like tea towels, pots and pans o The more cluttered your worktops are, the smaller your kitchen will look
  • Use Every Inch of Space o Put everything that you possibly can into cupboards to clear even more space o Another alternative is to use roll down shutters. Simply roll down the shutter from the top of the cupboard to hide away worktop gadgets, leaving your kitchen clean and clutter-free o Creating this space within your kitchen will highlight the ambiance and mood of your lighting
  • Kitchen Lighting Design o It is important to carefully think about what mood you want to create through your kitchen lighting o Spotlights are an easy and effective way to make everything seem bright and attractive o However, due to the tasks undertaken within the kitchen, you may prefer to use task-specific lighting o Some great ideas include installing spotlights underneath your kitchen cupboards that you can use for chopping and prepping food, or in-unit spotlights to show off your glassware.
  • Mirrors and Lighting o Using plenty of reflective surfaces and mirrors will help to bounce light around the room and make your kitchen seem bigger and brighter o Using plenty of glass, perhaps as a splash back or installing kitchen units that have glass in them, will also bounce light around the room o You could also switch doors and drawer fronts for gloss doors and drawers for a similar effect
  • Kitchen Lights For a full range of Information on Kitchen Lights, visit our Specialist Lighting Website and discover an extensive range of styles and colours from Branded Lighting Companies