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Google penguin what you need to know

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There is a ton of information about the Google Penguin update. In this presentation we will take you straight “to the point” of what you need to know. Join Tyler Tanigawa and Sam McRoberts as they take us through the in’s and out’s of the recent Google update. In this webinar you will learn:- What is the Penguin update- How to know if your site has been affected by the update- Penguin’s Symptoms and Effects- How to avoid getting hit by Penguin and what to do next- How to Recover from a penalty or algorithm update- How to avoid getting hit by future updates

Text of Google penguin what you need to know

  • 1.Google Penguin What You NeedTo KnowHow to Use Pinterest for Business Tyler Tanigawa SEO Client Manager Sam McRoberts SEO LeadJune 27, 2012

2. About Point ItPresentation Agenda Launched in April 2002 Seattles largest independentsearch marketing firm SEM, SEO, Social, Local, Mobile $35 MM in managed media/yr Servicing clients across allverticals and revenue models 3. Webinar InformationPresentation AgendaBeing Recorded & Will be Uploaded to WebsiteThis is an Interactive Webinar so it is Okay to AskQuestions During the Presentation 4. Google Penguin 5. What Well Cover Presentation Agenda In Todays Webinar You Will Learn:1. What is the Penguin update2. Penguins Symptoms and Effects3. What to do if you have been hit, how to avoid penalties & future updates 6. Google PenaltiesAgendaPresentation vs. Updates PenaltyUpdates 7. What is Penguin? 8. What Is Penguin?Presentation Agenda 9. Penguin Symptoms and Effects How to Know If Youve Been Hit 10. Have You Been HitAgenda Presentation By Penguin? Check the following sources to see if youve been hit by Penguin: 11. Have You Been HitAgenda Presentation By Penguin? 12. So Youve Been Hit What DoYou Do Now? 13. Inspect Your Link ProfilePresentation Agenda Step 1 Inspect Your Link Profile SEOmozs Open Site Explorer Majestic SEO Google Webmaster Link CategorizationSpreadsheet 14. SEOmoz Open Site Explorer Presentation AgendaEnter Your URL: Get A List of Links To Site: 15. Majestic SEOPresentation AgendaEnter Your URL:Get A List of Links To Site: 16. Google Webmaster ToolsPresentation Agenda Login Go to Links to Your Site See Who Links To You Most 17. Google Webmaster ToolsPresentation Agenda See Linking Root Domains In OSEand Plug Them Into Spreadsheet 18. Example of Link Categorization Presentation Agenda 19. What Do I Do WithAgenda Presentation These Tools? Step 2 Take Action1. Compile a list of links pointing to your domain2. Delete any of the duplicates3. Use Link Categorization Spreadsheet for anchor text distribution. 20. What Am I Looking For? Presentation Agenda Blog/Content Networks Over-Optimization Boilerplate SitewideLinks Sites with little or norelevancy Blog Comment Spam 21. What Am I Looking ForPresentation Agenda Blog Content Network 22. What Am I Looking ForPresentation AgendaOver-Optimization 23. What Am I Looking ForPresentation Agenda Boilerplate/Site-wide Links 24. What Am I Looking ForPresentation Agenda Links from Non-Relevant Sites 25. What Am I Looking ForPresentation AgendaBlog Comment Spam 26. 3 Steps - Delete, Dilute, and Build 27. Delete Bad LinksPresentation Agenda Find contact info forspammy sites/non-relevant websiteslinking Request to removelinks or tag withNoFollow Build My Rank hasoption to Delete AllLink Links 28. Dilute Anchor Text Presentation Agenda How to Dilute Anchor Text: Build new links with non-branded generic anchortext Contact sites with overoptimization and updateanchor text 29. Build Links the Agenda Presentation Right WayCreate Great, Enticing, Informative Content 30. Build Links theAgendaPresentation Right Way Get Social 31. Build Links theAgendaPresentation Right WayGet Links to Deeper Pages On-Site 32. Build Links the Right WayPresentation Agenda Be Old Fashioned & Go Offline 33. Build Links the Right WayPresentation Agenda Become a Thought Leader 34. Can You Recover? 35. OverviewPresentation Agenda Rolling updates allow forsites to naturally recover Matt Cutts says somesites should start over is a site thathas publically reported arecovery Ali fan site has seenrecovery! 36. Q&A Presentation AgendaThank you for watching our webinar! If you haveany questions, please feel free to contact:Tyler TanigawaSEO Client ManagerPoint [email protected](206) 673-3064

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