Euro Airways

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Powerpoint presentation for the company Euro Airways as proposed by Audrey Koetting, Lauren Levi, Bryn Likins, and Jay Startz

Text of Euro Airways

  • 1.Audrey Koetting
    Lauren Levi
    Bryn Likins
    Jonathan Startz

2. Recovery
Last year, low cost airlines reported a 8.7% increase in passenger numbers.
In contrast, legacy carriers experienced a 1.9% decrease is passenger numbers.
3. Industry Overview
Porters Five Forces
High Buyer Power
High Supplier Power
High Threat of Substitute Services
High Threat of New Entrants
High Rivalry Among Existing Competitors
4. Market Analysis
Blue Air
5. Market Analysis
Wizz Air
6. Euro Airways
Broad Cost Leadership
Special Features
Superior Customer Service
7. Information Technology
Personalized experience
Custom tailored web profiles
Innovative features
8. Use of Blogs
9. The Future of European Travel