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  • 1. Thecrazythings i usedtobelievewhen i was a child
    I think she is giving me the cooties! Yuck!
    English 2 Unit 1
  • 2. Really!?
    I used to believe that when a person is 90 years old that meant he or she was also 90 feet tall!
    I used to believe that if I got a pet penguin it could live in the freezer.
  • 3. When I was a child I used tobelieve that clowns were born clowns with a red nose, big feet, and multicolored hair.
    I used to believe that my eyes were brown because I used to eat a lot of chocolate.
  • 4. When I was young my mother used to tell me that guacamole was actually crushed grasshoppers.
  • 5. My mom used to wrap our presents and put them under the tree each time she bought one. When I asked about it, my mom said that there were just rocks in the boxes and that Santa came to put the real presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.
  • 6. I used tobelieve that there was a left sock and a right sock. Every morning my sister would tell me my socks were on the wrong feet and I would switch them around.
  • 7. What did you used to believe?
    Whatdidyouusedtobelievewhenyouwere a child?
    Whatdidyourparentsusedtotellyouwhenyouwhere a child?
  • 8. My chilhoodhabits
    When I was a child, I didn't use tostudy hard because school was easy. I used to go to parks on the weekends with my best friend, Laura. We didnt use to play videogames; we used toplay Statues and our favorite band was Duran Duran.
    We didnt eat Moms food because we would eat candy at school. I used to have short hair and I never wore dresses.
  • 9. Then and now
  • 10. Whataboutyou? Answerthequestionswith a partner.
    Where did you used to live/ go to school?
    What did you used to do on weekends?
    Who used to be your best friend?
    What sports did you used to play?
    What singer did you used to like?
    What wasyour favorite food?
    And your appearance: did you used to look different? What did you look like before?