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1. 6 Glendale Cherry Creek ChronicleFebruary 2010Lighting Up Colorado Blvd.Continued from page 1LED signs are some of the most eye-full color, tri-color, grayscale and mono-catching signs out there, said Signtronixchrome and each one has a specific purposeMarketing Director Tom Johnson. Peopleto help business owners draw customers look forward to seeing the signs becauseattention.they display new information and they The company explains that the LED serve as communication with the commu-sign is designed to encourage dynamic nity and business owners customers.messaging to the community about yourHe continued, Its even more effectivebusinesss product and services. The LEDwhen business owners use their signs tosign also maximizes your business signsdisplay funny sayings or jokes because itattractiveness and effectiveness. The site makes more of a personal connection.also goes through the benefits of LED signs Popular Sign Breeds Businesswhich include bringing in new customers, Not all LED signs are unpopular with the Hoops For Teens: Youth and Adult Sports Director Nick Tipton helped organize the improving business image, increasingpublic. The sign in front of Belcaro Paint Youth Basketball Clinic sponsored by the City of Glendale and the Glendale YMCAawareness and sales instantly, getting im-and Decorating Center on Leetsdale Drive Strong Kids Campaign. Thirty-seven teens participated in the clinic which took place portant information out quickly and sav-which puts out humorous messages is a at the Sports Center.ing money.favorite of many in the Cherry Creek Valley.After being in the same location for 15years, Belcaro Paint moved to their cur- Top Denver PR Exec Predictsrent Leetsdale location in 2001. Once thebusiness relocated, owners Cindy and JohnPulitzer Prize For The ChronicleHarris decided they needed a way to attractattention so people would know where Former Denver Post writer and now a top public relations nomenon in which older women go on the prowl for youngerthey had moved. Their solution was to buyconsultant, Eric Anderson, has predicted a Pulitzer Prize for men. Today there is a television show titled Cougar Town star-a huge LED sign that would become theirthe Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle as highlighted in Penny ring Courtney Cox on ABC and even cruise ship tours for cougars new landmark. It cost $133,000 and wasParkers column in The Denver Post on January 15. It was part and their young male admirers.built from scratch.of his annual Top Ten PR Predictions For 2010. True he was being Reporter Laura Lieff was thrilled declaring, This is great! IYou lose business when you move soa tad bit facetious declaring, Pulitzer committee admits error,cant wait to hold the Pulitzer Prize gold medal, but to tell the we knew we would be in big trouble if weretroactively gives Public Service award to Glendale Cherry Creek truth I was kind of hoping for the Nobel Prize in Literaturedidnt have a sign that attracted attention,Chronicle for two-part investigative series on cougar bars.which pays you over a million dollars which doesnt hurt con- said Cindy. Anderson was referring to the Chronicles two part series start- sidering what reporters are paid. Originally they had a graphic of aning in December of 2007 by reporter Laura Lieff titled Cougar The Chronicles Publisher Chuck Bonniwell was also excited.American flag blowing and they got a ceaseBars of the Cherry Creek Valley and Welcome to the Jungle, Its wonderful that this cougar series is belatedly being givenand desist order from the City of Denverwhich followed two young rugby stars descent into the lairs ofthe honors it deserves, as I am sure that Erics prediction willsaying they werent allowed to have it.local cougar bars. The articles presaged the national cougar phe- come to fruition probably around April 1. After we were told we couldnt have the But he also expressed words of caution. I am not sure who isAmerican flag or put up cartoon charactersgoing to tell the Wall Street Journal that their 2007 Pulitzer gold we came up with the idea of putting sillymedal for its probe into backdated stock options for business exec- quips on the sign in between the time andutives which triggered investigations and the ouster of top offi- temperature messages, Cindy explained.cials has been retroactively revoked and awarded to the ChronicleSome of the funny messages have includ-for our cougar investigative reports. Rupert Murdoch [the own-ed Big Tints, Get Thinner Here ander of the Wall Street Journal] can get real touchy at times especial- Happy Hue Year.ly when it concerns backdating of things including prizes.Cindy said that the silly quips get a lot Not to worry noted the Chronicles Editor-in-Chief Ed Thomas,of attention from people driving by. Thewho was once a Denver homicide detective. I will pry the Pul-sign has gotten so much attention that a fewitzer gold medal from Murdochs cold, dead hands if thatsyears ago there was a person who sat inwhat it takes, Thomas declared.Continued on page 7Surprise Coming: The Wall Street Journal staff accepts the Ms. Lieff cautioned her Publisher and Editor-in-Chief that2007 Pulitzer Prize. It is not clear whether they have been in-formed that their Pulitzer Prize is being revoked and awardedthe Chronicle had not officially been retroactively awarded theprize just yet. City Seeks Input Onto the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle for its Cougar series,according to Denver Public Relations guru Eric Anderson. To view Andersons Top Ten PR Predictions for 2010, visit www.glendalecherrycreek.com. East Side Travel February 24 The City and County of Denver is holding a public meeting Wednesday, February 24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Denver School of the Arts (7111 Montview Blvd.) to solicit public feedback on po- tential solutions to mobility issues. The plan will evaluate and make recommen- dations for improvement to vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit move- ment in the citys East Side Travel Shed. The shed includes the area betweenSal Vargas Monaco Parkway and Yosemite Street, between I-70 and Leetsdale Drive. To get more information on the plan or to be added to the project mailing list, visit the project Web site at www.denver gov.org/east side.Custom Made Fine Jewelry & Repair We Specialize In Engagement Rings And CAD/CAM All Work Done In-House Hours: Monday-Friday 9.a.m-6 p.m. 155 N. Madison Street, Suite D Cherry Creek North 303.388.8632 Fax: 720.941-8824 info@salvargas.com www.salvargas.com