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  1. 1. Your Global Resource To Apparel World
  2. 2. BUSINESS INFORMATIO N Business Name: E-Z Connection Inc Address:4242 W Bryn Mawr Ave Chicago, IL 60646 Phone: (773)856-5350 Fax: (773)856-5374 Annual Sales: $3.5 million Total number of Employees:10 Primary Line of Business: Apparel and Home Textile Website Address: Year Established: 2009 MANAGEMENT DIRECTORY Abdul W Maniya, Presidentand Sales Manager Taha Maniya, Vice Presidentand Account Manager Ahmed Amin, Secretary Bilal Maniya, CustomerService Manager Muhammed Hussein, Sales & Marketing Sumaiya Maniya, Sales Manager
  3. 3. COMPANY STRATEGY Purpose: To be a leading distributerin apparel and home textile through reliable service,customercare,good quality products,and low prices. Vision:To provide greatquality products with a focus on our brand,Double Lux thatexceeds ourcustomersexpectations. Mission statement: To build lastingrelationshipswith our customersand provideexceptional customerservice by pursuing business throughinnovation and customerfeedback. Core values: We believe in treating ourcustomers with respect and integrity.Also,we incorporate businessethicsinto all aspects of our business. Trust Diversity Value Integrity Excellence Loyalty Core Values
  4. 4. WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO E-Z Connection began in 2009 with a focus on bringing products needed for every day wear at low prices and good quality. Initially, our Company only marketed local brands and sold them to local buyers who were mainly screen printers and retailers. However, in recent years, we have started manufacturing our own line of goods and have sold them to local wholesalers and institutional facilities in stores and online. We now have two broad marketsegments: Imprintable Apparel Screen Printers Retail Stores ASI Distributors Wholesale Distributor Home Textile Correctional Industry Promotional Industry Wholesale Distributors Uniform Companies
  5. 5. PRODUCTS ACCORDING TO MARKET SEGMENT Correctional Industries Socks Hand Towels and Bath Towels T-Shirts : Irregulars and First Quality Laundry Bags Sweatshirts Boxer Shorts Retails Stores Socks : Crew and Ankle First Quality T-shirts Irregular Economy Apparels Promotional Markets: Screen printers Imprintable Brand Name Garments Private Label Sweatshirts and T-shirts Rally Towels Tote Bags Uniform Companies Terry Towels Woven Towels Uniform Apparel Institutional Suppliers Terry Towels Kitchen Towels Tea Towels Waffle Tea Towels Dish Towels Bath Robes Herringbone Towels Low prices Great quality Success OurSuccessEquation
  6. 6. SOURCING AND BUYING AGENT As a sourcing and buying agent, we help our customers identify the right factory specific to their requirements, price, quantity, quality, and delivery parameters. Once our customers make their decision, we keep them informed at every stage of their order from the start of production all the way to post-shipment with our weekly WIP (Work In Progress) reports. This way, our customers can freely concentrate on their business, confident that each detail of their purchase is taken care of. The whole process is rigorously supervised and coordinated by our experienced professionals who personally visit the factories on a regular basis. As a sourcing and buying agent, we have the ability to perform the following services for our customers: Product Development Product Design Merchandising Price and Delivery Negotiations Coordination of Details Quality Control In-line Inspection Pre-shipment Inspection Shipment Inspection
  7. 7. OUR SUPPLIER PARTNERS We have a very reliable, efficient supply chain for both home textile and apparel. In Bangladesh, we closely work with ARP, our sourcing partner, for all types of apparel. ARP Trading House is a leading garment buying agent in Bangladesh since 1984. Theyve sold over 15 million garments to individual buyers and department stores in U.S, Canada, and Europe. E-Z Connection in collaboration with ARP manufactures polo shirts, sweaters, knit t-shirts, caps, hats, woven shirts, and cardigan pullovers. We jointly target Sportswear Companies, Fashion Houses with their own brand name, mail houses and printers. As a buying house, ARP supplies garments based on customers choice of color, fabric, style, and quality. The Company works diligently to train its employees to listen and communicate with buyers about their needs and concerns. In Dhaka, ARP has a team of eighty
  8. 8. Competitive Advantage Competitive Prices Compliance Factories High Quality Standards Quality Assurance Strong Follow-up Transparency employees including, merchandisers, lab testing supervisors, shipping supervisors, and quality controllers. Their skilled quality controllers make sure to enforce high quality standards. So how does ARP manage to stay on top of its competitors? The Company is dynamic and adjusts its work environment based on todays consumer and market demand. In addition, ARP has educated employees who have over ten years of experience, and they work hard to satisfy their consumers. Their employees are trained to follow a meticulous procedure which includes garment designing, sampling development, approval procedures, order follow ups, and quality assurance. The Company also focuses on trading, sourcing, quality control, and inspection. They make sure to inspect the products before they are sent to customers, so they can be certain the products match the customers requirement; after the process is complete, they send a certificate of inspection to the consumer. ARP also provides the right growth opportunities, excellent infrastructure and expect absolute commitment to excellence in areas such as reduction in operating costs, quality approval procedures, and maintaining systematic follow up services
  9. 9. with the manufacturers. All these measures are taken to guarantee the customeris satisfied. Anwar Group Anwar Group performs a variety of operations, including yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, fabric printing, spinning, weaving, and towel processing in their Hussein Dyeing and Printing Mills (HDP). The Company uses advanced, sophisticated machinery from Europe and Asia to perform its operations. In the lab, Anwar Group conducts color testing to ensure they have the right color based on consumer preference, and they also perform routine quality tests so they can continue to maintain their good quality standards. Their woven dying unit has about 100 thousand yard dyeing and finishings daily. Their machines dye all types of shades, including pastel to extra dark, and their finished processes for dyeing include, paper touched, water repellent, anticrease and various other ones. Also, their HDP has the best quality printed fabric through successful integration of powerful machinery, quality control team, and skilled workers. The Companys workers ensure that consumers
  10. 10. have the shortest delivery lead time, so they can fix any mistakes that may occur during the whole process. Due to their successful operation, Anwar Group has been able to produce the best quality Terry towels, Kitchen towels, Tea towels, Waffle dish towels, and bathrobes for the past twenty five years.