Adapt and Overcome Marshall Bowen

Adapt and Overcome

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Adapt and OvercomeMarshall Bowen

You can always find time to train and improve your accuracy.

Unfortunately you can’t always find the perfect training environment.

You might find yourself low on ammo, not able to pay range fees, and many other reasons why you can’t train in your ideal environment.

Although we would all love to be able to train wherever, whenever, and however we want, this is not always possible.

These “reasons” are no excuse to let your skills diminish.

One road block that I think most of us have run into is not being able to get to a range as often as we would like.

There are plenty of drills you can do from your home, garage, or backyard.

One of my favorite at home training exercises is the “dry-fire” drill.

Find a point on the wall, like a light switch, or just grab a sharpie marker or some tape and make some 1”x1” squares.

I would not recommend using your living room, although I’m sure your wives, or significant others would love to have sharpie marker targets all over the wall!

You have just created your own indoor “dry-fire” range, and have a never ending supply of magic bullets.

Now you can work on draw from the holster drills and sighting in on your targets.

One important tool I found that makes this a little more realistic and entertaining is called “Laser Ammo”.

I found this awesome training tool at Laser-Ammo.

It costs about $150 and I think it is worth every penny.

On the other hand though, make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to send actual rounds down range.

There are thousands of training tools out there but there is still nothing better than the real thing.

Marshall Bowen

Thank you for viewing my presentation and be sure to check back again for more helpful tips and safety