8 Golden Rules for Public Speaking

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Eight golden rules for public speaking that will help you deliver better, more memorable performances...


  • 1. 8 Golden Rules for Successful Public Speaking

2. Preparation You need to know your content and your audienceIdeaStory DesignGraphic Production Practice & RehearsalExecution1 3. Opening You have about 90 seconds to grab the audiences attention So, commit the first200 wordsof your presentation to memory2 4. Purpose Why am I here? What am I going to get out of this?Both audience and speaker ought to be able to answer these questions3 5. Structure Use a simple structure and tell a storyAwaken Interest Guide UnderstandingCreate Impact Take QuestionsDeliver Call to Action4 6. Timing Stick to the schedule Know how long you have5and dont overstay your welcome 7. Voice Prepare your voice in advanceBe heard6 and understood 8. Humour Only use humour if its appropriate7 If it doesnt fit, dont force it 9. Notes Notes are for younot your audience8 10. Download your free Expert Guide at: www.activepresence.com/public-speaking 11. www.activepresence.com/public-speaking