2010 Digital Trends, Ideas and Technologies (Part 1)

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Digital Trends for 2010 based around 4 themes including: Real-time, Won't believe the hype, Good cause/Cause Good and Developing a Playful Side. David J Carr, Digital Strategy Director, Chemistry Communications

Text of 2010 Digital Trends, Ideas and Technologies (Part 1)

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  • But first a quick pinch of salt... There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home. Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp. 1977 I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943Theres no chance the Computers in theiPhone is going to get future may weigh noany significant market more than 1.5 tons.share. No chance. Popular Mechanics, forecastingSteve Ballmer, MSFT CEO 2007 the march of science, 1949
  • #1 (REAL)time now. & live.
  • #1 (REAL)time now. & live.
  • So what is happening now? re ta lking pe ople a ams, Lots of -time stre t... Real rch, abou e sea Re al-tim ectations. e exp Re al-tim wh y?
  • 19% users no w say er ser t vi of internet r e hey us are h Twitte ce to s s, e 27 pe .3 r day w a nnual ith an weets llion t n millio un r tweets or an oth emselv hers. of 10 b i bout th bout ot rate upd ates a dates a or to see up 40 ok Facebo illion a m a y from t es a d ience. s upda lus aud 800 statu t millio s upda nd IM U o n nth by es a m sers statu 350 m illion- p ults ine ad d M a il A ges of onl se Yahoo A 18 -24 who have u ated 2% r or upd +65 Twitte online s 4% a statu 55 64 5% 45 54 10% 20% 35 44 19% 25 34 18 24Sources: Pew Internet And American Life Project, Facebook, Yahoo, Pingdom
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  • People using technology to sharelive-streams what they do, buy, think, and watch...creating more and more information. How are we dealing with it?
  • a digression ? No, its not a joke. The GScreen Spacebook was designed to help you get more done in a mobile environment Maybe not... elp for d rome." ting h ibration syn? Get "P the fe e g m v hanto hen you ans it w er you ling w only to find icity) , mobile all. (Neuropla st r More seriously, were looking to practicallyvibratin ated at integrate the increasing rne ver vib infomation overload into our lives via technology filters like Real-time search.
  • What is so different about real-time search v. normal search? o Relevancy is important, but timeliness is the essential part. o It is getting an idea of what people are talking about or interested in now. o The potential is to combine: - on-the-spot peer review