Automated Car Wash or Hand Car Wash – Which to Choose and Why?

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  • Automated Car Wash or Hand Car Wash Which to Choose and Why?

    Every luxury-seeker must have dreamt of zipping around on a beautiful, swanky car. In the jet-fast

    world today, a vehicle is not just synonomous with luxury, but also related to

    convenience. You will definitely stumble upon the big brands, when it comes bringing home your own

    four wheel. A regular care should top your priority list if you want your automobile to look great and

    perform well now, then and forever. There are several options available in the market to detail a

    vehicle. Among various options claiming to fame, automated car wash and hand car wash stand out

    undoubtedly. Wondering which one could be an ideal pick for you? The following pointers might help

    you proceed further.

  • Automated car wash

    The use of machines and technologies is taking root in almost every industry, and now the automobile

    industry is of no exception. Automated car wash has become one of the most prefered substitutes to the

    conventional hand car wash. Many car owners prefer to opt for the method, but it has its own set of

    pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of automated car wash.


    1.Touch-free automated car wash is extremely gentle on the body paint of a vehicle. The car body paint

    is one of the most beautiful parts of a car. In spite of all those cautious steps you take for your vehicle,

    it gets dirty with every drive. This apart, the use of hard brushes in hand car wash lead to scratches and

    the resultant destruction of the body paint of your car. In contrary, the automated washing method is

    safer as it gets the job done without hassles.

    2. The amount of work done by the automated machine is ideal as there is no opportunity for skipping

    any of these steps fed into the devices memory.

    3. The humans are not perfect, and the hand wash method depletes the energy of a person. Sometimes,

    professionals deliver poor quality services and might not ward off the dirt and dust on the car body. The

    automated car does not have these complications.

    Also, the method is cost-effective, time-saving and absolutely customized.


    1. In this method, there are chances that stuck grime can remain on the motor vehicle body even after

    the wash.

    2. The amount of the money paid for the service is likely higher.

    3. Some automated carwash can leave water marks on the vehicles body

    Hand car wash

    For a long time, hand car wash was the most convenient and trusted method. Advancements in

    technology and the ever-growing necessity for efficiency have encouraged a majority of car owners to

    adopt the newest fad of automated car wash Calgary. Have a look at the pros and cons of hand car



    1. The final result of a hand wash method is usually deemed to be customized and perfect.

    2. The cost of supplies or coins used in car handwashing is usually lower.

    3. There are areas on the vehicle body where machines might not reach. Hand car wash is effective in

    such cases as it can succeed in getting the dirt out.

  • 4. Hand car washing gives you an opportunity to look at your car in detail to see if any area requires

    your attention. For example, any spot starting to rust or any area with chipped paint that can potentially

    catch rust.


    1. Scrubbing can possibly cause swirl marks on clear coat over time.

    2. Time and labor intensive.

    3. Potential for human error. i.e. skipping a step.

    To conclude

    Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose car wash services in Calgary. Make sure to

    rely on a reputed company for detailing your vehicle.

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