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Austin Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe Brochure 2010, Features, Options, Information, DX, DX-VP, EX, EX-L, LX, LX-S, Si, Hybrid

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  • 1. 2 010 H o n d a C i v i c

2. skin + tingle chest + thump 3. heAD + Rush 4. Just ADD Take your daily routine and add rousing performance. Add sleek styling. Add a generous dose of high-tech. The 2010 Civic is the perfect catalyst to shake things up. No matter what flavor you choose, from Sedan to Coupe to Hybrid to Si, one thing should be perfectly clear: Civic = Fun.Civic EX Sedan shown in Polished Metal Metallic. 5. YOuR DAilY QuOtA OF thRills Civic LX-S Sedan shown in Alabaster Silver Metallic. 6. The Civics sporty feel is the product Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like a big serving ofof its sophisticated suspension iVTEC every morning. Hondas signature technology gives system and powerassisted rackandpinion steering. Both have you plenty of torque off the line as well as horsepower tobeen engineered for quick, precise spare down the road. The DrivebyWire throttle systemresponse and a refined ride quality.Confident stopping is provided yields improved response and smoother shifts. Power flowson DX and LX models by front disc through a precise 5speed manual transmission, or you canand rear drum brakes. EX modelsand above sport disc brakes at enjoy the ease of use of the available 5speed automatic.all four corners. 7. Civic EX Sedan shown in Tango Red Pearl.hOuRsuntil YOu hAVe tO Be At YOuR Desk in the mORningThe Civic helps you connect with more than just the road. On select models, the available HondaSatellite-Linked Navigation System 1 with voice recognition provides not only maps and directions, butalso listings of over 7,000,000 points of interest like ATMs, restaurants and cultural venues. It also*features Bluetooth 2 HandsFreeLink so you can dial ahead through your compatible cell phone.*Some roads unverified. Please see your Honda dealer for details. Drive responsibly. Some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle. For safety reasons,always launch your audio application or perform any other operation on your phone or audio device only when the vehicle is safely parked.Two Sheds featured courtesy of Filter U.S. Recordings c and P 2008. 8. tO stimulAte YOuR eYes + eARs + hAnDsCivic EX-L Sedan shown with Beige Leather and available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System.1The Civic cabin is designed to be a full sensory experience. Select EXand Hybrid models include a leathertrimmed interior and heated frontseats. They also feature a leatherwrapped steering wheel, which isalso found on the LXS. Rearseat passengers wont feel neglectedwith their comfortably wide seats and flat rear floor. The folddownrear seatback (all models except Hybrid) also expands your cargocarrying*capability, and its split 60/40 in EX and Si models.*Honda reminds you to properly secure items stored in the cargo area. 9. ERgoNomIC DESIgN auDIo SySTEmSuSB auDIo INTERFaCE 6 With the threespoke steering wheels tilt on DXVP and above, the am/Fm/CD Select models include Hondas uSB audio and telescoping adjustability, you can audio system has mP3/Windows media Interface,5 giving you greater access to easily find a comfortable position. LX and audio 3 (Wma) playback capability and an your digital music files. Just plug in your above feature steering wheelmounted mP3/auxiliary input jack. Select modelscompatible music player and the system cruisecontrol switches. EX, Hybrid and Si add more speakers, including a subwoofer displays song information and lets you models also put audiosystem controlsin the Si. Navigationequipped modelsuse the vehicles audio controls. close at hand. add Xm Radio.4 Drive responsibly. Some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle. For safety reasons, always launch your audio application or perform any other operation on your phone or audio device only when the vehicle is safely parked. iPod classic is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. iPod not included. 10. Add the letters Si and you add exponentially to the level of fun. With a responsive cOntents unDeR pRessuRe 197-hp engine, low stance, 17-inch alloy wheels and close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, the Si Coupe and Si Sedan give you ultimate Civic performance.Civic Si Coupe shown in Alabaster Silver Metallic. 11. ++ ++ air + fuel. Its the first step in Sis ondemand performance is the directFew cars in the world can a helical limitedslipa chain reaction that resultsresult of obsessing over the details. rev this high. a closer lookdifferential has onein explosive power. The kind Consider Sis closeratio 6speed manualunder Sis hood explainsfunction: to improvethats made Hondas 2.0litertransmission. meticulously tunedwhy. Two different camhandling performanceK20 iVTEC engine a legend macPherson strut front and multilink rearprofiles, one for low rpm by increasing traction.among sportcompacts. But potent suspension system with firm spring and one for high rpm, keep horsepowerSo the wheel with the most tractionperformance doesnt rely on force alone. rates. Beefy stabilizer bars. Electric Power up across the rev range, while a uniquegets the maximum amount of torque.Civic Si is jampacked with advanced Steering (EPS). and every othercrankshaft balancer helps everything spinafter all, what good is power if youtechnology. Take the iVTEC engine withperformance feature listed on these pages. smoothly all the way to redline. cant get it down to the pavement? But3rocker arms for a wider powerband. orProof that input equals output. performance cars enjoy an addedVariable Timing Control (VTC) that boosts a high compression ratio is more than abenefit. Namely the thrill of acceleratingboth power and economy.6 Together, thesehint at the excitement underfoot.through a corner.innovations bring Si close to producing 100hp per liter. Just what youd expect from a and to keep the focus on exhilaration, Hondacompany famous for getting the most out genuine accessories offers big 18inchof a 4cylinder.wheels. These available alloys not onlyget the job done, but they look fast, too.Civic Si Coupe shown in Rallye Red with accessory HFP 18-inch alloy wheels and tires. 12. Civic Si Sedan shown with Black Fabric and available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System.1PoSITIVE CoNTaCTRED mEaNS goSpirited driving requires a solid connectionThe Siexclusive red glow of the at every contact point. Drilled aluminumgauges further communicates its pedals with rubber studs provide the proper sporty nature. amount of grip. LEaTHER TouCH PoINTS HaNDSoN CoNTRoL Theres something about the feel of a leathertrimmedSteering wheelmounted cruise and aluminum shift knob and steering wheel thataudio controls keep the action up communicates action. front, so you dont have to take youreyes off the road. 13. Civic Hybrid shown in Magnetic Pearl.chAnge Being environmentally responsible has never been easier. The Civic Hybrids sophisticated gasoline-electric powertrain helps you save on fuel with an estimated 45 mpg 6 on the highway. Its also received Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle7 (AT-PZEV) status the most stringent emissions standard yet achieved by a gasoline-powered vehicle in the U.S. But dont think of it as a move to austerity. Interior amenities include automatic climate control, a powerful 6-speaker audio system with Hondas USB Audio Interface 5 and power windows, mirrors and door locks. You can even get a Civic Hybrid with an available leather-trimmed interior, leather-wrapped steering wheel and heated front seats and side mirrors. 14. puRe pOWeR CHARGE The Civic Hybrid employs Hondas Integrated Motor Assist IMA The Civic Hybrids 4cylinder engine features torqueenhancing iVTEC system, which pairs a super-efficient 1.3-liter gasoline engine withand a dualpoint sequential ignition system that fires two spark plugs a lightweight, high-output electric motor. The two work togetherper cylinder. The engine is mated with a powerful DC electric motor seamlessly, so it feels just like a normal, responsive Civic. The IMA thats less than 2.5" wide. Power for the motor is stored in a battery pack located behind the rear seat. at only 8" thick, it leaves plenty of room systems recharging function is completely self-sufficient. The in the trunk. To assure its long life, the Ima battery pack comes with an vehicles powertrain automatically recharges the onboard battery 8year/100,000mile limited battery warranty.8 pack so it never needs to be plugged in. STaRTINgaCCELERaTIoN CITy CRuISINg HIgHWay BRaKINgaT a SToPThe Civic Hybrids engine usually any time the engine needs aat steady speeds below 35 mph at higher cruising speeds,The Hybrids Ima system canunder most conditions, the uses the Ima systems motor burst of power such as while on level roads and under lightthe vehicles efficient tap into the kinetic energygasoline engine automatically to start. If the Ima batterypack accelerating, passing or throttle, fuel injection can ceasegasoline engine providesproduced by the vehicle when shuts off when you stop. Lift charge is too low or if its very climbing up an incline the and the car can be propelledthe motive power. you brake. The systems motoryour foot off the brake, and the cold outside, the system hasIma systems electric motorsolely by the electric motor. Lowfriction engineeringturns itself into a generator, engine restarts automatically. a separate battery and startercan add its torque automatically Engine intake and exhaust lets it provide plentyhelping to slow the car whileThe vehicles climate control motor to back it the engines to give youvalves stop opening to help of horsepower while still it builds up the energy stored system continues to operate instant, ample response. reduce drag.sipping fuel. in the batteries.while the engine is off. 15. is the Biggest plus OF All With its impressive list of standard safetyfeatures, the Civic is a prime example ofHondas commitment to providing a highlevel of occupant