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  • 1.2006 Honda Civic SISupercharger Kit Installation Instruction Kit #350-0913239 MONIER CIRCLE, STE.5 RANCHO CORDOVA, CA 95742 916.635.4550 FAX 916.635.4632 www.ct-engineering.comINS-157VERSION: 3.25.2009 Thank you for purchasing the CT Engineering Supercharger kit for the 2006 Honda Civic SI. All components have been de- signed and manufactured utilizing the latest in technology and materials. Please take a moment to read this instruction manual and warranty information page thoroughly before starting any work. Always work in a clean environment and use the appropriate safety equipment and tools to avoid any potential damage or injuries. CT Engineering recommends the use of a Genuine Honda Service Manual to supplement these instructions. All CT Engineering products are intended to be installed by a professional installer. Many stock parts are reused during installation. Do not damage or discard any pieces during disassembly or installation. We recommend marking any hose or wire before disconnecting to avoid confusion during reassembly.Torque Specifications: M5 = 3 ft-lbs M6 = 6 ft-lbs M8 = 16 ft-lbs M10 = 31 ft-lbs M12 = 54 ft-lbs M14 = 87 ft-lbs1

2. STEP #1 Evacuate A/C system: Have your local Air conditioning shop remove theHFC-134a refrigerant from your A/C system. Theycan reuse your coolant. After the superchargerinstallation you will need to return the car to themand have them refill and charge the system. Thisservice should cost approximately $80.00. STEP #2 Remove ECM and ship to Hondata: Ship ECM to: Remove the battery. Remove ECM cover (A). HONDATA Remove bolts (D), then lift up the ECM. 2840 COLUMBIA ST. Disconnect the ECM connectors A, B, and C.TORRANCE, CA 90503 Remove ECM and ship to Hondata (see Address to right.) 2 3. STEP #3 Drain Coolant: Jack up and support the front of the car onjack stands. Make sure the engine is cool and removethe radiator cap. Drain the cooling system by loosening thedrain plug (A) at the bottom of the radiator. Once all of the coolant is drained close thedrain plug. STEP #4 Remove Manifold Cover & Splash shield:STEP #5 Remove Intake Tube: Remove the intake manifold cover. The cover and Disconnect the vacuum hose (A) and the breatherhardware will not be reused.pipe (B) from the intake tube. Remove the Loosen the clamps and remove the intake tube (C).splash shield.Everything will be reused.Make sure toretain all of thehardware; itwill be reused. 3 4. STEP #6 Remove Air Box:STEP #7 Remove the Manifold Harness: Disconnect the Mass Air flow sensor connector. Disconnect the negative side of the battery, then dis- Remove the mounting hardware and remove the air connect the positive side.box assembly. Remove the battery.Keep all of the Disconnect the harness connectors for the fuel injec-parts becausetors, Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, andthey will be re- Throttle Actuator.installed. Remove the bolt from the ground (A) and clamp (B) bracket. Then remove the harness holder (C) from the fuel rail. STEP #8 Disconnect Hoses: Remove the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) hose(A). Remove the evaporative emission (EVAP) canisterhose (B). Remove brake booster vacuum hose (C). Disconnect the two water hoses connected to the bot-tom of thethrottle body,STEP #9 Remove Fuel Rail:as well as the Remove the cover (A) off the fuel rail connection. Dis-harness clip.connect the fuel line from the rail by squeezing the lock tabs, push and pull the line until it is loose. Remove the two M8 nuts holding the rail to the mani- fold and remove the rail with injectors. Keep the two rail spacers and the rail; they will be reused.4 5. Step #10 Remove Throttle Body: STEP #11 Remove Manifold supports: Remove the hardware holding the throttle body to the From the bottom of the car disconnect the connectormanifold.from the brace (A). Remove the throttle body from the intake manifold, all Remove the hardware holding the support to theparts will be reused.manifold/block and remove the brace (B). They will not be reused. STEP #12 Remove Stock Manifold: Remove the (2) M8 nuts and (6) M8 flange bolts. Using the two M8 Nuts as Jam Nuts, remove the two studs from the cylinder head. Remove the intake manifold and disconnect the water line as you remove the manifold. Neither manifold, gasket orhardware will be reused. Remove the MAP sensor (A), screw and o-ring from the stock manifold; they will be reused. Remove the Intake Air Bypass Thermal Valve (B) from the stock manifold; it will be reused in the new Superchargermanifold. Make sure to also remove the throttle body studs, they will be installed in the supercharger inlet manifold.BA5 6. STEP #13 Remove Belt:STEP #14 Remove the Idler Pulley: Release the auto-tensioner (A) with a Snap-on tool Remove the A/C support bracket bolt. It will not be(YA9317) or similar tool. Once the pressure is releasedreused.remove the belt; it will not be reused. Remove the (2) M8x45 bolts holding the idler pulley assemble. The hardware will be reused but the bracket and pulley will not. Step #15 Remove Tensioner pulley:Step #16 Remove Tensioner: Remove the M10 bolt holding the tensioner pulley to Remove the three M8 bolts holding the tensioner tothe tensioner making sure to not lose the nut. All the block and remove the tensioner. The outer two M8parts will be reused.bolts will not be reused but the M8 bolt going through the center of the tensioner will be reused along with the tensioner.6 7. Step #17 Preinstall the Adjuster base Plate: STEP #18 Reinstall Tensioner: Mount the adjuster base plate to the stock tensioner Reinstall the tensioner/base plate to the block usingusing the two M8x45 bolts removed in step #14. the original M8x70 center bolt, the new M8x70 frontTorque the bolts to 20 ft-lbs. bolt and the new M8x60 rear bolt. It may be easier to put the bolts in place and then position the tensioner in place. Once everything is in place torque the bolts to 20 ft- lbs. Step #19 Assemble Idler Plate A/C Line Bracket Assembly: First install the Adjuster luginto the mating oval slot in theIdler Plate.Idler Plate Next slide the Adjuster Plateonto the Adjuster Lug And in-stall the M8x1.25x45 bolt from Adjuster Lugstep#16 through the rear mostslot in the Idler Plate, but donot tighten. Using the new M10x1.25x75Adjuster Platebolt provided in the kit and thesmooth idler pulley, install boltthrough pulley, through the Grooved idler pulleyAdjuster Plate and Idler Plateand install M10 nut, but do not Stepped Bushtighten. Using the new M10x1.25x80M10x1.25x80bolt, Stepped Bushing andGrooved Idler Pulley providedin the kit; install bolt throughbushing, pulley, Adjuster Plate,M8x1.25x60and Idler Plate. Then installIdler PulleyM10 nut, but do not tighten. Install A/C Line BracketM10x1.25x75M8x1.25x70 7 8. STEP #20 Assemble Idler Plate AssemblySTEP #21 Move Harness: (continued) : Remove the two harness support brackets from their These pho- mounting points and then remove them from the har-tos showness, they will not be reused.what the Move theassemblyharness toshould look the enginelike when side of theassembled.thermostathousing taband secureit with thesupplied ty-rap. Move theharness tothe bottomside of thesteel water-line ear andsecure withthe sup-plied ty-rap. STEP #22 Preinstall Manifold support bracket: STEP #23 Manifold Prep: Loosely mount the lower block to the engine using the Install the MAP sensor to the side of the new super-supplied M12x60 flange bolt.charger manifold reusing the original o-ring and Using the supplied M8x25 flange bolt loosely mount screw.the drop link to the lower support. Reinstall the Intake Air Bypass Loosely attach the top mounting block using the sup- Thermal Valve from the stockplied M8x25 flange bolt to the passenger side of themanifold into the new super-drop link.charger manifold. Leave all the hardware loose; they will be tightenedafter the manifold is installed. 8 9. STEP #24 Main Manifold Installation: The blower is shipped already attached to the main manifold. Remove the (6) M8x20 bolts holding the blower plate tothe manifold and separate the two. Install the main manifold to the cylinder head using the supplied (6) M8x25 bolts, (2) M8x60 flange bolts, and heatinsulation gasket. Use the supplied Loctite on the threads of all the bolts. Torque the manifold bolts to 20 ft-lbs. Install the manifold brace to the manifold using the supplied M8x30 flange bolt. Use Loctite on the threads going intothe manifold. Now tighten all of the bolts left loose in Step #22. Reconnect the water line to the new manifold fitting reusing the originalhose and clamp. STEP #25 Blower Area Preparation:STEP #26 A/C Line Spacer: Install the new PCV hose (5/16 x 30) using the stock Remove upper A/C Line from the A/C compressor andclamps removed in step #7. Run the hose out throughadd supplied spacer using o-rings and M6x60 bolt.the gap between the radiator and chassis for now, it Install A/C line bracket supplied in the kit onto thewill be connected in a later step. Idler Plate as seen in step #19.9 10. STEP #27 Blower Installation:STEP #28 Install Inlet Manifold: Make sure the (6) M8x20 flange bolts are in place be- Using the supplied M8x20 bolts, install the inlet mani-fore lowering the blower to the main manifold. fold starting with the rear lower bolt first. Install the blower on to the main manifold makingsure to line up the roll pins already installed in themain manifold. Start the M8x20 flange bolt under the by-pass valvefirst. Tighten all 6 ofthe blowermounting plateflange bolts. Install theblower by-passvalve vacuumhose onto thebarbed brassfitting in mani-fold.STEP #30 Setting Belt Tension: With the belt in place, release the belt tension again. Turn the adjusting screw in the top of the idle plate until the Auto tensioner indicator is lined up with the notch in the idle STEP #29 In-plate. stall the Blower belt: Route the new belt supplied in the kit around a