World Photographic Cup 2017: Winners

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Text of World Photographic Cup 2017: Winners

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Illustrative-GOLD MEDAL: Antti Karppinen, Finland

SILVER MEDAL: Uli Staiger, Germany

BRONZE MEDAL: Jos Almeida, Portugal

4TH PLACE: Lee Howell, United Kingdom

5TH PLACE: Jos Manuel Ortega, Spain

6TH PLACE: Kazutoshi Kawakami, Japan

7TH PLACE: Charmaine Heyer, Australia

8TH PLACE: Flix Alejandro Hernndez Rodrguez, Mexico

9TH PLACE: Diamantino Jesus, Portugal

10TH PLACE: Stanislav Hricko, Slovakia

Wedding-GOLD MEDAL: Lee Howell, United Kingdom

SILVER MEDAL: Andreas Zopf, Austria

BRONZE MEDAL: Terese Samuelsen, Norway

4TH PLACE: Xiannian Wan, China

5TH PLACE: William Lambelet, France

6TH PLACE: Carlos Felipe Ortz Morel, Spain

7TH PLACE: Miguel Matos, Portugal

8TH PLACE: Igor Bulgak, Russia

9TH PLACE: Shinichi Shimomiya, Japan

10TH PLACE: Raymond Pang, Singapore

Reportage-GOLD MEDAL: Goh Wee Seng, Singapore

SILVER MEDAL: Vincenzo Tessarin, Italy

BRONZE MEDAL: Oldich Bubk, Czech Republic

4TH PLACE: Max Bosse, Austria

5TH PLACE: Milo Fic, Czech Republic

6TH PLACE: Nely Ariza, Spain

7TH PLACE: Dario Caruso, France

8TH PLACE: La Torrieri, France

9TH PLACE: Peter Svoboda, Slovakia

10TH PLACE: Laura Gabriela Olmedo Macip, Mexico

Nature-GOLD MEDAL: Pepe Soho, Mexico

SILVER MEDAL: Andreas Kalvig Anderson, Norway

BRONZE MEDAL: Ann Coppens, Belgium

4TH PLACE: Liyun Yu, United States of America

5TH PLACE: Sergey Degtyarev, Russia

6TH PLACE: Carlos Resende, Portugal

7TH PLACE: Xie Dacai, China

8TH PLACE: Sren Sviland, Norway

9TH PLACE: Daniel Rodrigues, Portugal

10TH PLACE: Liette Gilbert, Canada

Commercial-GOLD MEDAL: Duan Holovej, Slovakia

SILVER MEDAL:: Amber Griffin, New Zealand

Bronze medal: Michelle Trull, United States of America

4TH PLACE: Barbara Breitsameter, United States of America

5TH PLACE: Uli Staiger, Germany

6TH PLACE: Lupi Spuma, Austria

7TH PLACE: Carlos Herrejn, Mexico

8TH PLACE: Lluis Oliver Fabrega, Spain

9TH PLACE: Diogo Freitas, Portugal

10TH PLACE: Ricardo Urroz, Mexico

Portrait: Gold medal Eelena Malsheva, Russia

SILVER MEDAL: Christopher Ian, Australia

BRONZE MEDAL: Nikki Harrison, Canada

4TH PLACE: Andr Brito, Portugal

5TH PLACE: Dmitrii Ageev, Russia

6TH PLACE: Lauren DelVecchio, United States of America

7TH PLACE: Fernando Branquinho, Portugal

8TH PLACE: Min Zhang, China

9TH PLACE: Martina Nemekov, Slovakia

10TH PLACE: Bjrn Tore Stokke, Norway