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1. SANTJORDIImaneBouchikhi2n Batx. 2. 1. INTRODUCTION:WhowasSant Jordi (St Geroge)? ThenameGeorge isaGreek wordthatmeans farmer. The most important isthatSt. Georgewasamartyr. Greek word forwitness. Whenin the early centuriesafterChrist,his followersrefusedto worshipGodasa Roman emperor,declaring thatthey couldworshipthe one GodwasJesus Christ. Thistestimonywassentencedtodeath. Sothe wordmartyrwassoonapplied tothosewho hadtheirbloodbecause oftheir faithin Christ. Because of thesemartyrswere drawnstories thatwereread atChristianmeeting sonthe anniversaryofthe death of themartyr, which indeedrepresents the day of birth,the beginning ofeternal life.St. George,patron saint ofCatalonia. Among the manythousandsofmartyrs,Saint Georgeenjoyedgreatpopularityanduniversalvenerationin medieval times.Being agentlemangavethe crowd categoryof weapons.Thismeant thatthepatternchosen bytheCatalan nobility andchivalry. Today,in ourcountry,the figureof St. Georgeis inmany areas:paintings, sculptures,prints,stamps, coins,flags,costumes, embroidery,tiles,furniture, ceramics,jewellery,miniatures...Moreover,people whothinktheyknowandsaythat name. All thisissignificant enough tobelievethatafigureisa live,andthathasleft an imprint onthe memoryofpeople. 3. II) From here, there are2. THE STORYOF ST. GEORGE :two versions of the legend:first, that the people gottired of that no member ofthe royal family wasI) In Cappadocia was a dragon attacking the sent and therefore should bekingdom. The people decided the princess whoto givevery scared every daywas devoured and, secondly,two lambs of the dragon to satisfy your that one day thehunger and not to attack the village. But princess was chosen by lot towhen the animals became scarce it was a company the lamb.decided to send a person, chosen bylot, and a lamb. I saw how thatfamily member was devoured by thedragon received in exchange, all kinds ofwealth as compensation.III) Any way, on the way to the cave of the dragon, the princess was found to Jorge and this gentleman, killing the dragon, stabbing his sword, rescued her.IV) From the blood that flowed from the lifeless body of the monster was born aV) And finally, The king red rose that the gentleman gave theoffered the gentleman all theprincess.riches to imagine, but hepreferred to be sharedbetween the inhabitants of thekingdom. In addition, a church wasbuilt in his name, fromwhich sprang a wonderful water Iwas able to heal the sick. 4. 3. : WHY THISDAY?April 23 is not only famous for the legend of St. George, but also commemorates the death of some great writers: Cervantes and Shakespeare. One way to recognize the work of these geniuses was to name this day as the day the book, and this was done. On this day sold books through the streets in large organized stops. Many people take this day, but usually do not read, to compare a book and enjoy it. It is a way to encourage people to read. 5. Furthermore, this day is very good to bring tomarket new novels, and many authors takeadvantage and promote his latest book.Finally, there is nothing more beautiful than the roseand book exchange between lovers. 6. 4. WHAT IS THE ORIGIN AND WHATSYMBOLIZES?The customthat the mangive awayarose tothe womanback,Youprobably,to the fifteenthcentury.Some versionsarematchedthiswithrosesFairtaking place inBarcelonaduringthosesummers.Whatis certainisthatwomen whoattendedtheApril 23MasscelebratedinthechapelofSantJordiinthe Palau de laGeneralitatde Catalunyagavethemarose.Theredrosesymbolizespassion, mustbeaccompanied by thelandmark, asymbol ofCatalonia, andan earofwheat,symbol of fertility.SantJordiis an important dayofCatalan cultureandmanybalconieslooktheregionalflag.ThroughoutCataloniasoldstickers andkeychains,reaching itsmaximumexpression inthestreets,wherecommonpositionsareaddedfor the occasion.