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1. PHOTO-SHOOT PLANNINGBy Luke Batson 2. Image of folded armsIn this image we can see themodels has his arms foldedlooking straight at the camera.The camera angle is mid-shotof the model. Instead of themodel smiling in my shoot, Iwill have them with a straightface as this would be morerelevant to my music genre ofhip hop as artist arestereotypically moody.This image would link to mygenre as is show emotionswhich is what hip hop is allabout. 3. Model with hand in their pocketsIn this image we can seethe model with his hands inhis pockets. I would like touse this poses for mymusic magazine shoot as Ifeel it will look good and fitin with my genre. Insteadof have the model lookingat the camera i will havethe looking down with ahigh or low angle of a fullbody shot.This would be a good image touse in my magazine as it wouldfit nicely into my genre of hiphop. This is because the modeldoesn't look aggressive andwould make the reader feel moreconnected. 4. Kendrick Lamar looking awayIn this image we can see theartist in a long mid-shot withdark lighting with a bit of naturallight as well as a artificial lightproviding most of the light withinfrom the lensthe image.This would be something I wouldlike to recreate in my ownmagazine as I like the way thatthe artist isnt looking directlyinto the lens and heads turned tothe to the left. This would begreat to show off the genre asthe lighting and clothing is darkto represent the mood of hiphop. 5. Model sat down in black andIn this black and whiteimage we can see themodel is a high angle midwhiteshot. The lighting isbright as you can see thereflection of the modelsclothing and face.I would like to use thistype of shot in my photoshoot as I believe that itreally show the idea ofhip hop. And I like theuse of black and white inthe image which is seena lot in the hip hopscene. 6. Models in swimming poolIn this image we can see threedifferent models at differentheights. this shot is a wide shotand is a slight high angle as thecamera is above the modelstanding.The lighting is also bright in thisimage as the reflection on thepool walls show.This type of image would fitwell in m genre as the use ofdifferent levels can showimportance of certain models,whilst still looking simple.My audience would like thisphoto as it could showmore that one artist.This image would beperfect for a double pagespread image. 7. Model close up of faceIn this image the use of naturallight is evident. The image is of aclose up of the models face fromthe Chest up. The model has herhands on the snapback and islooking directly into the camerawhich makes the audience feelmore connected.This type of image would begreat for my magazine frontcover or double page spread asit would draw readers in and thepose fits well with the hip hopgenre. 8. Group imageIn this we can see fourmodels all standing in asimilar stance all lookingpowerful. The lighting is verynatural in this image.This would fit well into mymagazine as the power lookwould represent hip hop butalso the natural lighting couldsuggest the truth, this links tohip hop as its all aboutemotions. This would link tothe audience because theywould be expecting the truth. 9. Model with west side poseThis image is quite a darkimage in terms of lighting.This could be a link to themood. The image is a midshot of a model with thewest side symbol.This could be used as acontents or double pagespread image. My audienceand genre relates to this as itis a well known sign westside in the hip hop genreand the audience would beable to relate easily to this.