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2. INSPIRATIONAL DIRECTORS 3. Amy Heckerling Amy Heckerling studied Film and TV at New YorkUniversity and got a Masters Degree in Film from TheAmerican Film Institute. She got inspiration for many of her films from pastexperiences, which is where we have got many of our ideasfor the plot of our opening sequence. Her films are distributed by conglomerates like ParamountPictures. She received the Women in Film Crystal Award foroutstanding women, she has helped to expand the role ofwomen with the entertainment industry. She has wanted toapply David Gauntletts empowered female to hercharacters in the films she writes and directs for. Thisinspires us as we want to show that both women and menare equal in society. 4. John Hughes The whole way through Hughess career he aspiredothers. When he tragically died, those who knew himcommented on the impact Hughes's had on themand on the film industry. Other directors say thattheir work is his work. One of his popular trade marks is close-ups of twocharacters locking eyes with each other. We wouldreally like to include this into our film, thestereotypical love scene which every young girlloves and dreams for one day that they willexperience it. 5. INSPIRATIONAL ACTORS 6. AnnaSophia Robb Robb is both an actress and a new coming singer. Sherecorded a song for a soundtrack titles Keep Your Mind WideOpen which was released and went straight into the charts.We love the idea of one of our main characters to be a singerand the soundtrack for the film will be their single, it willpresent the main emotions and feelings between the couple. She has been in many romance and comedy films throughouther career. For example she played Carrie in The CarrieDiaries where she asks first questions about love, sex,friendship and family while navigating the worlds of highschool. This character represents the ideas of what ourcharacters will be going through, the age of growing up anddiscovering new things. Her character applies JaniceWinships notion of complicity, growing up you get to chosewho you want to be and how youre presented to society andthe gratifications she will receive from this. 7. Victoria Justice Justice started at a very young age in the celebrity world. Shestarted in 2005 on Zoey 101. Justices trade marks are her high cheekbones and long brownhair but contrasting this she says she is a tomboy. Thisapplies Judith Butlers Gender Performance, her naturalbeauty is seen but the way she represents herself with herclothes and personality. Within our cast one of the girls will betomboy like, she will hide her real self due to her other friendbeing the glamour girl. Justice is seen as a new upcoming actress in America, she hasplayed many different sorts of characters, some very oppositeto her personality. We love her confidence on screen and off,many young girls aspire to be like her and we want ourcharacters to be seen in the same way. 8. Douglas Booth Booth is our inspiration for our main character. InLOL (2012), he falls in love with his best friendLola after she breaks up with his best friend. OurUSP is going to be that the boy is the one who fallsin love with the girl. Booth is a very attractive young actor and he issoon as eye candy to girls. Girls want to be withhim and boys want to be him. We want both ourprimary audience and secondary to be able torelate to our main character and this is one way ofdoing so. 9. Logan Lerman Lerman plays a part called Louis in Stuck in Love. He plays acharacter of a young boy, who isnt very popular but falls inlove with a popular girl who gets any boy she likes. He and thegirl become good friends and by the end he changes her tobeing a better person and they fall in love. This inspired us towant one of our characters to be more geeky but still a little bitpopular due to his friends. We want him to have a crush onone of his friends but she is too good for him but by the endhe gets the girl of his dreams. Lerman is still very young and is seen as a cute, blue eyed boy.Everyone has there secret crush on him due to his personalityand blue eyes. We really love this idea of him being the cuteinnocent boy who throughout the film becomes moreconfident and you get to know him better throughout. 10. INSPIRATIONAL PRODUCERS 11. Working Title Working Title Films is a British filmproduction company. Their parent company is Universal Studios. We think Working Titles would be the perfectproducer for us because our film is veryBritish based with all British characters andis based in England. It has launched a subsidiary company calledWT2 which is an independent productionarm which has produced filmed Billy Elliotwhich became a massive hit in the box office. 12. INSPIRATIONAL INSTITUTIONSBRIEF We are an institutional company with a massmarket. We are post modern We will be vertically integrated We will be using Synergy marketing: filmand a soundtrack Using Above the Line marketing With our producer being a largeconglomerate