AASL Miami Conference 2014 - Future proofing the library using expert crowdsourcing

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Most crowdsourcing projects today feature common functions that make it possible for anyone with the time and interest to contribute. Such projects are in most cases based on a highly developed web-design, which enables users to easily create their own account and to contribute in an instant. These systems are usually very expensive to build, maintain and develop. However, the crowdsourcing project of arkitekturbilleder.dk, a picture database of Danish architecture, showcases the potential to run a crowdsourcing project with almost no fundings at all. During the last 18 months, arkitekturbilleder.dk has managed to engage 14 photographers with architectural training and professional experience to contribute voluntarily to the site with pictures of Danish architecture. The KADK library has on two occasions posted ads to attract photographers, and thereafter carried out interviews to secure that our guidelines and standards for documenting architecture are met. We have learned that this method creates a sense of exclusivity, where each individuals contribution is appreciated and receives the expected attention. We have received more than 1500 pictures of 80 new buildings since the project started. The photographers involvements have also included improvements of functions, interface and back-end of arkitekturbilleder.dk. They have also become great ambassadors for the site at their schools and workplace, which is seen in constantly rising visiting statistics. However, the project have faced many challenges along the way, and we continuously work to improve our practice and methods and to keep our photographers motivated and stimulated to secure further contributions.


  • 1. Future proofing the library using expert crowdsourcing Daniel Gunnarsson Library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Performing Arts Copenhagen - Denmark

2. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation Holmen Campus Susan Gregers Jensen - https://www.flickr.com/photos/kadk/7170796972/in/set-72157629665206744 3. 1700 students, (1000 architecture, 600 design, 100 conservation) and a total of 300 employees Holmen Campus Susan Gregers Jensen - https://www.flickr.com/photos/kadk/7170796972/in/set-72157629665206744 4. The library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Performing Arts Library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Performing Arts Sandra Gonon 5. Library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Performing Arts Daniel Gunnarsson Denmarks largest library within Architecture, Design Conservation & Performing Arts 6. Arkitekturbilleder.dk - Architectural picture collection, 900 buildings and 8000 pictures The Dome Rimas Steponaitis 7. Arkitekturbilleder.dk have been documenting modern danish architecture since 2002 M/S Museet for Sfart Brge Nielsen 8. Crowdsourcing project since summer 2012 Tietgenkollegiet Sanne Krogh 9. By Unrellius - http://www.thewhelming.com/2014/01/everyone-futurama/ Crowdsourcing is commonly associated with tasks that anyone can perform or contribute to 10. Platforms built to enable anyone to contribute are usually expensive to develop, build & maintain https://www.zooniverse.org/ 11. http://www.kulturarv.dk/1001fortaellinger/ http://www.slideshare.net/Landsforeningen/1001-lff-mette-bom-kulturministeriet 1001 stories, a great and succesful danish project, But it cost 11 million DKK to develop & build 12. Many Institutitions in Denmark and internationally are suffering from cut-backs and reduction http://politiken.dk/kultur/arkitektur/ECE2241485/stort-underskud-bringer-kunstakademiet-i-knae/ 13. The Library has been through three mergers and three extensive reductions in the last five years Library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Performing Arts Daniel Gunnarsson 14. Danmarks Nationalbank Andreas Trier Mrch Crowdsourcing projects can be a low-cost investment & future proofing your library/project 15. Crowdsourcing can also be finding a specific task that a chosen group of people can perform http://www.arkitekturbilleder.dk/fotografer 16. The task in arkitekturbilleder.dk: contribute with high quality pictures of modern danish architecture Trollbeads Domicil Rimas Steponaitis Hjrring Bibliotek Gitte Gylling Hammershj Olesen Bakkegrdsskolen Per Vissing Christensen 17. Using the resources we already have and add free tools to administer the contributors is cheap Dashboard of Arkitekturbilleder.dk 18. We posted ads in forums where photographers with architectural background are active 19. We held casual interviews and each photographer provided us with a portfolio of photographs Portfolio Gitte Gylling Hammershj Olesen Portfolio Rasmus Boysen Feddersen 20. Former users are now contributors - Architectural students, Retired photographers, Architects Library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Performing Arts Daniel Gunnarsson 21. 14 photographers have contributed with over 130 new buildings and more than 2000 pictures 22. Contributors become ambassadors for the project and generate visits from their private networks August 2012 August 2013 August 2011 August 2012 42% increase in visits since the project started Statistics from Google Analytics 23. Crowdsourcing means greater diversity of the content in Arkitekturbilleder.dk Geographical spread Frederiksvrk, Odense, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Paris Architectural spread Photographical spread Documentary focus but flexible http://arkitekturbilleder.dk/kort 24. From users to contributors and evolving into collaborators and active participants Interface Dashboard Functionality Maintenance 25. Tweets - @arkbille A small exclusive group enables individual attention and focus on each contributors work 26. Goal 2015 New interface, 1000 buildings, 20 active photographers Guldberg Byplads Nicholas Ransome 27. Motivational factors enrichment, commons, visibility, engagement, experience, network Dansekapellet Henriette Sjgreen Kristensen 28. Hauser Plads Nicholas Ransome Analyze & evaluate your current procedures set clear principles and guidelines for the contributors 29. Plug n Play Sandra Gonon Develop with an open mind and in collaboration with your contributors, be flexible but maintain control 30. Thank you! Follow our work at: arkitekturbilleder.dk arkitekturbilleder.dk/mobil @arkbille erne i restad Marco Siu