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  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTHJune 2012 Issue 36 Live Colors Egypt eGYPTiAN ArCHiTeCTure THrouGH THe AGe oF TiMe June . 2012 1
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Throughout history Egyptian art and architecture has always On either side, above the entrance, in small roundels, are flourished and has managed to surpass the test of time; the the diamond-shaped napkin blazons of the Jamadar (Sultans scattered historical buildings and monuments all attest to that. Master of Robes). Evidence of one of the many positions A fusion of Moorish, European, African and Pharaonic styles is Al Nasiry held, including being responsible for the Sultans what sets apart Egyptian architecture from any other country. garments. These three houses turned museums - Prince Beshtak Palace, Deliberately curved or bent, the entrance was constructed Kavafi Museum and Manial Palace - are great examples of to secure the palaces residents privacy. The entrance how each era had its own unique style that is different from leads visitors into the palaces main courtyard, which is not the other, but equally beautiful. a reception area as was the custom at the time, but a semi- private area for the palaces residents and their guests to Beshtak Palace dismount. The ground floor is comprised of the storage and service rooms, a prayer hall and a long line of shops that were Engulfed in the midst of old Islamic Cairo and specifically rented out to merchants. near the Katkhuda Sabil, off Al Muizz Li Din Allah street, lies one of that thriving eras most captivating palaces: the Prince Stepping on to the second floor, one is greeted by a Beshtak Palace. spacious qaa (hall). With its pointed arches, stained glass windows gilt and painted wood paneling, it crowns this Built by Prince Beshtak Al Nasiry, sometime between 1334- beautiful qaa as one of the architectural masterpieces of 1339 AD (735-740 AH), this palace is one of the very few that era. During Al Nasirys time, a fountain inlaid with colored surviving examples of fourteenth century Bahari Mamluk marble in geometric patterns stood in the center of the domestic architecture. Prince Beshtak Al Nasiry, a rich and influential prince, held The Africa-Europe Challenge several posts in Sultan Al Nasir Mohamed Ibn Qalawuns (AEC) Sets Sail in Alexandria court. Al Nasiry was also the Sultans son-in-law. Despite his wealth and close ties to the Sultan, one of Al Nasirys bitter On the 25th of May, when the World was celebrat- rivals, Prince Qawsun, had him arrested, imprisoned and later ing Africa Day, the Africa-Europe Challenge, the executed, in addition to taking over all of Al Nasirys properties project that probably will become one of the biggest and claiming them his own. event-series of the two continents has also started. The basics of the program are created by the first ever Despite being originally five floors high, only the two bottom international fleet that will sail around Africa stopping floors survived the test of time. The palaces main faade in 13 African and 2 European countries where cultural, distinguished by its mashrabiya windows overlooks Al Muizz economical, scientific and educational missions will be Eddin Allah Street, while its entrance begins on the northern realized in the host countries. corner of the faade. To promote the Africa-Europe Challenge in Africa, the flagship of the AEC, the Dutch ASTRID tall ship has set her sail from Malta on 25th May to circumnavigate Africa and visit the countries where the AEC fleet will stop in order to invite those countries to participate. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Egyptian Tourist Authority and the Hungarian Embassy in Egypt the coastal city of Alexandria is getting ready to host the inaugural event of the first sailing boats race from the 3rd to the 12th of June. In celebration of this event, the historic sail boat, Astried, will stop at the Alexandria port for ten consecutive days. The Astried Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt was built in 1918 and is set to sail around 15 different European and African countries, including Malta, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Nigeria and Morocco. Furthermore, organized trips will be made to the Water Club at Montazah, which will enable the events guests to watch this historical boat. The inaugural party will be held at the lavish Salamlek hotel in Montazah Gardens, in addition to a one of a kind closing cer- emony at the majestic Qait Bay Fortress. 2 June . 2012 June . 2012 3
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter qaa. Another highlight at the palace is a small museum that documents the city of Cairos rich history. Steigenberger to operate cruise Understanding its historical and architectural significance, ships on the Nile and Lake Nasser several entities were involved in preserving and protecting The Steigenberger Hotel Group announced that it. The palace went through several restoration and in October 2012 it will start operations of three luxury renovation phases, dating back to the 1930s by the Egyptian cruise ships namely Minerva, Legacy and Omar El governmental institution and the Comite de Conservation des Khayam cruising the River Nile and Lake Nasser. Monuments de LArte Arabe. The second phase took place The