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Famous Monasteries of Egypt

Text of Newsletter of Egypt Tourism September 2012

  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTH September 2012 Issue 39The Monastery of Saint Anthony Famous Monasteries of Egypt Live Colors Egypt September . 2012 1
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Saint Anthony Church of St. Anthony Saint Macarius Monastery The Monastery of Saint Anthony is a perfect example of a Coptic monastery, and is considered to be the earliest and most dynamic of the monasteries in the world. From the grounds of this holy place monasticism emerged, and made its way to all of Europe. The monastery was founded in 356 AD after the Saints death. It is an independent community with its own gardens, a mill, a bakery and churches, the best of which is Saint Anthonys Church. The Monastery encompasses a library with a remaining collection of handwritten Coptic manuscripts, which were originally part of a larger library at one day. It also has a defensive fortress that dates back to the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian, around the 4th century. A well providing over 100 cubic meters of water and a water wheel are other elements within the precincts. The cave where Saint Anthony lived in solitude as a hermit is a 2 km hike from the monastery, and is around 680 meters above the Red Sea level, offering a dazzling view of the mountains and the sea. Annually it attracts approximately one million Egyptian and foreign visitors. Saint Anthony is the father of monks, founder of monasticism and the first Christian to live in solitude as a hermit in the desert. He was born in 251 AD to a rich family in Coma (Kemn-el-Arouse) in Egypt. If you would be perfect, go sell all you have, give to the poor and come follow me. (Matthew 19:21). After hearing the Lords words one day in church, Saint Anthony sold his land, donated his money to the poor, while keeping some for his sister, whom he The Monastery of St. Catherine Luxor Film Festival to feature placed in a community for virgins. Then he devoted himself to asceticism and moved out to the desert, accompanied St. Catherine is the name of both the monastery and city Egyptian and European films by many who wished to follow his same spiritual path. located at an elevation of 158m, and it is 120 km away from the closest city, Dahab. He died in 356 AD at the age of one hundred and five, and was buried in the monastery, but his burial ground was St. Catherines has a long history, though not in its current never identified. form. The area was under the rule of the pharaohs, and was a center for the mining of turquoise, gold, and copper, Rejuvenation Project with old mines and temples having been found not far from the site of the monastery itself. An extensive rejuvenation project was inaugurated in 2010, which included the restoration of the church, the During Roman times, a monastery was built at the foot unique collection of wall paintings, the oldest of which of Mount Sinai, the place where it is believed that Moses Under the auspice of the Egyptian Tourist Authority dates to the seventh and eighth centuries, the dining hall received the 10 Commandments from God. It encloses the and starting on 17 September and until 22 September, with its limestone dining table, and the area for religious chapel of the Burning Bush, which was ordered to be built the first Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival will Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt rituals and recitals. Moreover, the restoration scheme by Helena, Constantine the Greats mother, to mark the site screen 10 films throughout five days. underneath the churchs floor revealed the oldest 4th where Moses was supposed to have seen the burning bush. Heading the jury of the festival is Egyptian filmmaker century Coptic cell and another church dating back to It is said that the bush that is located there is the original Samir Seif, which also includes members from France, the 6th century. A Plexiglas floor was placed over this cell, bush from the story. Germany, Portugal and Croatia. Egyptian writer Bahaa enabling visitors to view it. Taher will be an honorary president of the festival. Though more commonly known as St. Catherines Organized by the Noon Foundation for Culture and Saint Anthony Monastery is located at about 250 km Monastery, its real name is The Sacred and Imperial Arts (NOONCA) and the Ministry of Culture, the festival east of Cairo, at the foot of Al-Qalzam Mountain near Monastery of the God Trodden Mount of Sinai. is headed by film critic and historian Magda Wasef. El Zaafarana. Heading from Cairo, take the Hurghada The British film Salmon Fishing in The Yemen by Lasse highway for approximately three hours, then the The monastery is associated with St. Catherine of Hallstrm, starring the Egyptian actor, Amr Waked, will Zaafarana/Koraymat road for around 34 km southwest of Alexandria, who was a Christian martyr. Originally open the five-day festival and will be honoring British Zaafarana; then turn left for another 16 km, until you reach sentenced to die on the wheel, she didnt die and was cinema. the monastery. beheaded instead. According to legend, her body was Gates to the Monastery 2 September . 2012 September . 2012 3
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter The Monastery of St. Paul The Monastery of St. Catherine ancient library burnt. Less than one hundred years later,