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There is something for everyone in our brand new brochure, showcasing the huge range of incredible year round holiday options in Iceland, including ideas for exploring Greenland.


<ul><li> Iceland&amp; Greenland DISCOVER THE WORLD valid to December 2013 </li> <li> 2 Page No. Introduction Welcome 3 Our Iceland Top 10 4 The Specialists 6 Booking with Us 8 Q &amp; A with a Travel Expert 10 Iceland Summer in Iceland 12 Winter in Iceland 14 Activities &amp; Experiences 16 Regions South West 20 South East 22 East 24 North East 26 North 28 West Fjords 30 Snaefellsnes &amp; the West 32 Highlands 34 Reykjavik &amp; Reykjanes 36 Accommodation in Iceland 38 Short Breaks in Iceland 40 Reykjavik City Break 42 Self-drive holidays Self-drive Iceland an Overview 44 Aurora Nights (3 nights) 46 Journey to the Centre of the Earth (7 nights) 48 Essential Iceland (7 nights) 50 National Parks &amp; Natural Wonders (9 nights) 52 Around Iceland (14 nights) 54 Car choices &amp; our Gold Service 56 Guided &amp; small group holidays About our Escorted Tours 58 Northern Lights Special (3 nights) 60 Killer Whales &amp; Northern Lights (4 nights) 62 Classic Iceland (9 nights) 64 Touring holidays (North, South, East, West) 66 Small group walking holidays (North, South) 68 Weddings, Honeymoons, &amp; Other Celebrations 70 Iceland &amp; the Icehotel 72 Greenland Introducing Greenland &amp; Map 74 Greenland Holidays Overview 76 Our other destinations Scandinavia, Polar regions, Canada, Australia &amp; New Zealand 78 Flights Airfares the Best Price for You 80 AITO Quality Charter 82 Map Iceland Map 83 Contents East FjordsHusavik Why choose Discover the World see page 6 For our ofce opening hours please visit our website Main front cover image of Kirkjufell, Snaefellsnes, copyright and thanks to Dennis Bromage, who wrote to us with this stunning shot that just had to grace our cover: This was our second night in Iceland and this view is a five minute drive from the hotel in Grundarfjordur. An incredible start to the trip thats for sure! </li> <li> Talk to the experts 01737 218 800 3 3 WelcomeI rst visited Iceland 40 years ago and spent a year working and living in a remote shing village called Flateyri, in the north-west Fjord region. Of course the country has changed in many ways since then, but by and large the people have not. They are still some of the most hard-working, friendly, cultured and welcoming human beings on the planet and the time I spent living amongst them was, without a doubt, the most formative period of my life. The world economic crisis hit Iceland particularly badly, but the infrastructure of one of the most well developed societies in the world is still there and unlike certain other parts of the world, the Icelanders are slowly but surely putting their economic house in order, with many starting to ask if the Icelandic way is actually a model for many other countries. But enough of nancial woes no doubt what attracts you to an Iceland holiday is the prospect of some of the most spectacular and other- worldly scenery on Earth, which Iceland certainly offers by the bucket load! But what of the volcanoes you might say? Obviously Iceland would not be Iceland without them! Icelanders have lived respectfully and largely happily alongside, even harnessing the power of the planet for centuries. Most of its natural wonders are well behaved but of course there are a few unruly beasts, such as the Eyjafjallajkull volcano that disrupted air travel in 2010. In fact most eruptions in Iceland are less pesky and actually make an amazing spectacle to observe. You may like to register with our Volcano Hot Line, which we have been operating for over 20 years, to be kept up-to-date and own out to Iceland as soon as possible after an eruption. Whatever happens during your holiday in Iceland you can be rest assured that our team will be there to look after you. In the unlikely event that the Norse Gods become angry and stop you from returning home as scheduled, we will make all necessary arrangements to make sure that you are put in a hotel, fed and fully informed all without charge. Take a look at our Travel Disruption Charter and youll nd a clear, no-nonsense promise that we make to those who book with us (full details are available on our website). This is just an example of the many advantages of booking your holiday with a travel operator such as Discover the World (please see pages 6-7 for more reasons). Our brochure has been designed to give you a full and balanced account of all that Iceland has to offer to the savvy traveller, and is supported by our website where you will nd further holiday ideas and detailed, up-to-date pricing. This is all backed up by a team of travel professionals who know Iceland intimately and will be pleased to share their passion for the country with you. And for those of you able to make it to our modern and spacious ofce in Banstead, Surrey Sam our resident chocolate Labrador is looking forward to greeting you in his own charming style! We have been arranging holidays to Iceland for nearly three decades now, although Sam is a more recent addition to the mix! If I can be of any assistance you can reach me via email: Please dont hesitate to contact me. I wish you a wonderful, exhilarating and memorable holiday but beware Iceland is highly addictive! Ga fer! Clive Stacey Managing Director and co-Founder Arnastapi Hagafellsjokull 3 </li> <li> Iceland is characterised by its abundance of natural wonders and plentiful unique features here are just some of the reasons why we love this fascinating country. Icelands topography is unmistakable. As soon as you y into Keavik airport you will spot immense lava elds and volcanic craters. At Thingvellir, walk between a great tear in the Earths crust as you straddle the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. See page 21 Volcanoes, geysirs, and Thingvellir National Park The northern lights Superjeeps With raised suspension and gigantic tyres, these modied 4WD vehicles glide over deep snow and cope with ease on uneven terrain. Experience an Icelandic obsession on an excursion or hire one yourself. See page 17 Watching these streaks of magic ripple across the night sky has brought many a smile to visitors to Iceland. Thanks to a lack of light pollution and its location in the auroral zone, viewing is possible from end of September through to mid-April. See pages 46 and 60 for suggested holidays. See page 11 Gourmet food and hotdogs! Iceland is a foodies paradise the freshest possible sh, organic lamb and dairy produce combine avours to equal outstanding quality cuisine. We highly recommend trying the surprisingly addictive hotdogs at the Bjarins beztu pylsur kiosk in downtown Reykjavik! See page 37 Whale watching Husavik, in North Iceland, is known as Europes whale watching capital and offers sightings of minke, humpbacks and even the shy blue whale. Day trips are possible from Reykjavik too. Orcas also frequent the waters off the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. See pages 62-63 for our special tour Icelands top highlights! Budir Geysir Highlands Husavik 4 All our holidays are bound by our Terms &amp; Conditions, which can be found on our website </li> <li> Talk to the experts 01737 218 800 5 5 Snaefellsnes Godafoss Jokulsarlon The Blue Lagoon Indulge in the steaming, mineral-rich waters of this open air bathing spot. Conveniently located en route to Keavik airport, there is no excuse not to take a dip! See page 21 Waterfalls From shimmering bridal veils to torrents of water you can walk behind, Iceland boasts some of the prettiest cascades in the world, including Dettifoss - Europes most powerful. See page 26 A Photographers paradise Iceland remains remote and largely untouched, providing inspiration for both professional and amateur photographers at every turn. We thank our friends Ragnar TH Sigurdsson (www.arctic- and Cathy Harlow, for providing many of the stunning images for this brochure. Glacier Whether astride a snowmobile, wearing crampons on a glacier hike or scaling an ice wall, Icelands many glaciers just beg to be explored. Mighty Vatnajokull with its many tongues, is Europes largest and is found within the continents biggest national park. See page 16 An adaptable, forward-thinking attitude The refreshingly resilient yet friendly we can x it attitude has stood Icelanders well in recent years, and at just 320,000 inhabitants (approx.), their aptitude to both harness geothermal energy and respect the power of the planet is admirable. Scan with your smartphone and visit our website! Use the QR codes printed in this brochure to take you straight to our website when you scan them with your camera phone or mobile device. The codes can be found on each holiday page and will link you to further information about the trip as well the current prices. You must be able to access the internet on your mobile device and it will need to be equipped with a QR code reader application, available for download at </li> <li> The Specialists Why you should book with the experts At Discover the World your holiday is important to us from the moment you book to the moment you return. We believe in value for money, excellent customer service, and a personal touch to planning your holiday. Having successfully operated holidays to Iceland and Greenland for nearly three decades, we offer not just a tremendous amount of valuable experience, but also an unmatched passion for the region. Iceland is our most popular destination and for good reason! Expert rst-hand knowledge Each year we send our team of travel specialists to Iceland, Greenland and further aeld, so that they can experience rst-hand the areas, accommodations and excursions we offer. We also have a few Icelanders working as part of the team in our Banstead ofce. You can be assured that you will receive excellent advice and rst- hand knowledge when planning your holiday - feel free to pick their brains! And remember, many of the options you nd in this brochure or on our website are suggested itineraries only; our team will be more than happy to tailor a holiday to your individual needs. Value for money Contrary to popular belief, it is often less expensive to book through a tour operator than to book direct on the Internet - and far more straightforward! Due to our longstanding relationships with a variety of Icelandic partners we can secure rooms at key hotels at the busiest times, with excellent rates and very often special offers too. When you book with us youll know exactly what is included and whats not - we dont believe in hidden extras. We make regular checks to ensure our prices remain competitive. Reliability We select our travel partners very carefully, based on the highest levels of service, value and quality and we constantly monitor their commitment to customer satisfaction. Taking care of you on holiday and before you leave We are proud of our excellent reputation for looking after our clients, without question, should the unexpected occur. Our Travel Disruption Charter offers a simple and transparent guarantee. Our team of dedicated travel consultants will do everything possible to rearrange your trip should it be cancelled or if your outward Seydisfjordur, East Fjords 6 Why choose Discover the World see page 6 For our ofce opening hours please visit our website </li> <li> 7 Djupivogur Eyjafjallajokull ight(s) cannot operate within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time due to a range of natural events, including but not limited to seismic and volcanic activity. If it is not possible to re-arrange your trip, you will receive a refund of the trip cost you have paid to us. When you are on holiday, if it becomes necessary to alter or reroute your itinerary, we will make these arrangements at no additional cost to you. In the event your scheduled return ight(s) are cancelled and it is necessary to remain in your destination, we will provide you with accommodation and meals until such time that we or the airline can make arrangements to return you home as soon as possible. For full terms and conditions just give us a call or visit our website. Your money and customer rights are protected A key benet of booking with a UK-based specialist operator, is that you are covered by very stringent British travel industry regulations and UK legislation throughout your holiday. Our holiday packages are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) bond also offers further nancial protection for non-ight inclusive holidays, ensuring that all money paid to us is protected no matter what. We are also members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA). Travel information - leave home well-prepared Once a booking is conrmed we will supply detailed literature, such as a handy Road Atlas and guide book for our self-drive holidays, to ensure you leave home fully prepared please refer to page 44 for further information. ABTA No.V28235042 Flexible pricing In this brochure you will nd an indication of the lowest price for each holiday at the time of going to press in September 2011. Up-to-date pricing is available on our website or can be obtained by calling our team of Iceland travel specialists. Once you have booked, prices are xed and guaranteed 100% against any increases which may occur, whatever happens to the pound, the price of oil or tax changes. Booking independently - an informed choice In this day and age, it may be quite tempting to try and book your holiday independently using the Internet rather than the services of a specialist tour operator. This is of course an option, but few understand the possible pitfalls and the potential false economy in doing so. There are various factors to take into consideration, for example assurance of quality and standards, what happens if the airline changes or cancels your ights, or the hotel room you thought you had booked becomes overbooked? What nancial or consumer protection do you have and what happens if something goes wrong on holiday? You may also nd that by the time you have booked all your arrangements there is little or no cost saving and you could well end up paying a lot more. Whilst of course you have a choice, these are things to take into consideration but by booking through us we can take the worry out of these eventualities by offering quality products, fully bonded and nancially protected holidays with trusted package holiday customer protection, along with peace of mind that with 24/7 round-the-clock support, we are only ever a phone call away. Talk to the experts 01737 218 800 7 </li>...</ul>