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Gilgit Baltistan tourism

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Gilgit Baltistan Tourism

Gilgit Baltistan TourismAn Overview on Gilgit Baltistan Tourism www.skardu.pk1

Gilgit Baltistan TourismIn this presentation we will cover :Introduction MountainsValleysLakes Historical Siteswww.skardu.pk2

IntroductionGilgit Baltistan is located in north Pakistan. It borders China, Afghanistan and India. Gilgit Baltistan is a semi autonomous territory with provincial system of government. There are three administrative divisions in Gilgit Baltistan: Baltistan, Diamer and Gilgit.There are 10 districts in Gilgit Baltistan. www.skardu.pk3

Mountains Gilgit Baltistan is home to some of the highest peaks in the world including K2, the 2nd highest peak in the world. 5 out of 14 eight thousand meter highest peaks are located in Gilgit Baltistan. These mountains are: K2Nanga ParbatGasherbrum 1Broad PeakGasherbrum 2


K2K2 8611 m is the 2nd highest peak in the world. www.skardu.pk5

ValleysSome famous valleys are:Khaplu ValleyAstore Valley Hunza Valley Naltar Valley Heramush Valley Hushe Valley Phander Valley Shigar Valley


Phander ValleyPhander Valley is located in Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan www.skardu.pk7

LakesThere are more than 3000 alpine lakes in GB.Some famous lakes are:Sadpara Lake, SkarduNaltar Lake, Gilgit Kharfaq Lake , Ghanche Atabad Lake, HunzaKachura Lake, Skardu Shangrila Lake, SkarduRama Lake, AstoreKoromber Lake, GhizerRush Lake, Nagar Phander Lake, Ghizer Rainbow Lake, Astore Sheosar Lake, Deosai Blind Lake, Shigar www.skardu.pk8

Sadapar LakeSadapara lake is located in Skardu www.skardu.pk9

Historical SitesGilgit Baltistan is rich in culture and history. Some important historical sites are:Khaplu fort, GhancheBaltit fort, HunzaAltit fort, HunzaShigar fort, Shigar Kharphocho fort, Skardu Chaqchan Mosque, Khaplu Amburik Mosque, Khaplu


Khaplu Fort Khaplu fort is an ancient fort located in Ghanche district. www.skardu.pk11

www.skardu.pk12 The End