7 Wonders In 7 Days Launch

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Presented at the 7 Wonders in 7 Days launch event:Social Media Cafe Manchester #smc_mcrFuturesonic Festival 2009 #futr09~7.30pm, Thursday 14th May 2009

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  • 1.www.7wondersin7days.com

2. www.7wondersin7days.com 3. www.7wondersin7days.com A rough map: 4. www.7wondersin7days.com On 9 thSeptember, I will visit all 7 NewWonders of the world in 7 days, raising777,000 for 7 charities. The plan: 5. www.7wondersin7days.com

  • Grans funeral in Nigeria in Feb
  • Secret Millionaire show on Channel 4
  • The Scene Magazine published by
  • Concept Publishing

The inspiration: 6. www.7wondersin7days.com Alzheimers Research Trust Diabetes UK Open Doors Young Minds Feed The Minds British Red Cross Jessie Ekweozor Memorial Foundation The 7 Charities: 7. www.7wondersin7days.com

  • 9 thSeptember 2009
  • Twitter hashtag: #90909

When? 8. www.7wondersin7days.com But. why? 9. www.7wondersin7days.com Twitchhikertwitchhiker.com One Red Papercliponeredpaperclip.com Where The Hell Is Matt?wherethehellismatt.com Great crowd sourced travel tales: 10. www.7wondersin7days.com As the founder of Real Fresh TV, a social media consultancy,that got me thinking... 11. www.7wondersin7days.com What if Sir Edmund Hilary usedTwitter to climb Everest? 12. www.7wondersin7days.com 13. www.7wondersin7days.com 14. www.7wondersin7days.com So... I thought.... 15. www.7wondersin7days.com ...whilst embarking on an adventure of a lifetime.... 16. www.7wondersin7days.com ...why not use social media to re-writethe rules of charity fundraising online... 17. www.7wondersin7days.com ...and re-invent the coming of age Round the World trip! 18. www.7wondersin7days.com Or something! 19. www.7wondersin7days.com

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  • More to come...

Social Media Integration on website: 20. www.7wondersin7days.com

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  • Reduce Itinerary from 10 days to 7
  • Support the 7W7D UK Tour

How to get involved: 21. www.7wondersin7days.com 7 Wonders In 7 Days UK Tour To raise money for the trip, I will betouring the country playing gigsorganised through Twitter. 22. www.7wondersin7days.com 7W7D UK Tour Starts In June More details will be posted on7wondersin7days.com 23. www.7wondersin7days.com Just Giving Donations go directly to the Charities. TipJoy Donations go to me to raise funds forthe trip. Two ways to donate: 24. www.7wondersin7days.com Phase I Raise funds for trip. Ends 30/06/09. Phase II Fundraise for charities. Ends 10/10/10. Two phases to donations: 25. www.7wondersin7days.com The Trip Budget 7000 according toThomas Cook Includes flights and accommodation Could be reduced? Funding the trip: 26. www.7wondersin7days.com Phase I Trip Fund - 7000. Due 30/06/09 Phase II Charity Fund- 777k. Due 10/10/10 Two Fund Raising Targets: 27. www.7wondersin7days.com JustGiving.com5 Charities already onJustGiving . Details for donating posted onwebsite when all 7 are. TipJoy Page now active Tweet and Give ! How To Give: 28. www.7wondersin7days.com Look out for competitions to create limited edition merchandise with profits split between 50/50 between the artists and the Charities. Other ways to get involved: 29. www.7wondersin7days.com

  • Reduce Itinerary from 10 days to 7
  • Visit 7wondersin7days.com for more
  • details

I Need Your Help! 30. www.7wondersin7days.com I am@7wondersin7dayson Twitter. Please use the#90909hashtagin tweets! Thanks for listening! 31. www.7wondersin7days.com Questions? 32. www.7wondersin7days.com Image Credits and References New 7 Wonders of the World http://www.new7wonders.com/file/inline/id/110/art/600x/ New 7 Wonders of the World locations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Seven_Wonders_of_the_World Sir Edmund Hilary on Everest http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/01_02/015edmundDM_468x534.jpg Twitter Logo http://i.zdnet.com/blogs/twitter-logo.png I was the first to conquer Everest http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/hillary/navart/evertop7.jpg 33. www.7wondersin7days.com Presented at the launch event: Social Media Cafe Manchester #smc_mcr Futuresonic Festival 2009 #futr09 ~7.30pm, Thursday 14 thMay 2009