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Wearable hackathonLennox Akoto

We want to run a Wearable Hackathon event in late June.4/1/20151foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and Nimbleness by running a wearable hackathonWhy: To help cultivate a maker culture of innovative thinking, collaboration and nimbleness. The plan is to run a number of Radar room events annually Event: To hold a 2-day rapid prototyping Hackathon Includes a pre-event session to share and agree ideas/teams ahead of the actual HackathonChallenge: How can we drive loyalty by incentivising desired behaviours using wearable technology?

Success:Building at least one demonstrable prototype

Budget: 1.5-5k (includes new wearable technology, food, prizes etc.)

Resources: 15-20 employees. 2 working days away from BAU

Comms: All-staff e-mail & Topspot group promoting the eventHackathons are a great vessel to help cultivate maker culture of innovative thinking, collaboration and nimbleness in an experimental low-risk environment. An event where creativity is not restricted by corporate red-tape. We want to run a number of these types of event across the year.

We want to hold a 2-day rapid prototyping Hackathon event in June. Including a pre-event session to share and agree ideas/teams ahead of the actual Hackathon.

So our challenge is this: How can we drive loyalty by incentivising desired behaviours using wearable technology?Success for us will be building at least one demonstrable prototype. The budget is between 1.5-5k. The disparity in budget comes from whether or not we hold the Hackathon at an external location. An external location mentally helps people focus on the task rather than go back to BAU.

4/1/20152Add piece around making business personal to challengeInvite our partners Infosys - Brett, Sitel(?) (Alex Naisby), UsTwo (Henry/Matt) and others..Time with Woody try to catch-up regularlyGauge interest from around the business.. Different departments who would partake? Can they start thinking of ideas? Maybe already keep that diary free?Venue talk to Rachel & Shaughna4/1/20153To cultivate a culture of

innovationspeednimblenesscollaborationWe want to cultivate a culture of innovation, nimbleness, speed and collaboration. We want to encourage our staff to be as imaginative and creative as possible within Loyalty. Taking an idea from conception to prototype as fast as possible and testing it.


Lets hackLets HackGoing forwards I want to use these types of Hackdays to explore the potential of the most exciting digital technology within Loyalty. We could also use these Hackathons to help provide solutions and ideas within CSE


Wearable tech: the next frontier for big dataWearable technology is the next forinter for big data. As a Data company it makes sense for us to explore wearable technology within Loyalty.4/1/20156

How can we drive loyalty by incentivising desired behaviours using wearable technology?So our question is this: How can we drive loyalty by incentivising desired behaviours using wearable technology?4/1/20157

Success is building at least one demonstrable prototypeSuccess for us is at least one of the teams building a demonstrable prototype.4/1/20158

Resources budgetDevelopment toolsEmployee resources & timePhysical infrastructureIll take you through the resources needed to make this happen4/1/20159

budgetc.1.5 - 5k:

new wearable technology: 250Prizes: 300Misc. (t-shirts, extra equipment): 150Food: 500-700Wallace Space approx. 4k incl. food

We have a few Wearable devices and the Apple Watch we plan to purchase but we will need additional technology.

Id like to ideally offer some exciting prizes for the winners but also for participation.We could also get t-shirts and such to create a real non-BAU feeling to the event.The budget for food is pure guess work and could be considerably higher.Ideally we would be at an external venue such as Wallace Space. From the feedback Ive had from Natasha Beeston who has organised similar events. Holding them in the office makes people return to BAU, e-mails, requests from other areas of the business.4/1/201510

Max 20 employees 2 day event (+ pre-event 1 hour session)Each team will require at least 2 people with coding ability

Employee resources & timeWe want to have a max. of 20 people participate. We will choose 20 people to attend a 1 hour pre-event to choose ideas and teams to take forward to Hackathon.4/1/201511

We will encourage a BYOD, however spare devices need to be available Require wearable APIs and SDKsALP development tools Development tools

Passion & Balloon Radar room and nimble areas for collaborationWhiteboards/ flip boards to enable creativityWallace Space is preferred venue

Physical infrastructure

Pre-event & The hackathon

Communications strategyAll Staff e-mail promoting sign-up to HackathonTopspot page for ideation and collaborationSupply documentation & APIs

Pre- eventInvite selected Hackathon participants for pre-eventShare and choose initial ideasOrganise teams

The hackathon

2 days: 9am-5.30pm15-20 people, incl. enough with the ability to codeHackathon followed by demonstrations, voting & awardsHackathon timelineMar/ AprApril 30th June 1stJune 8thJune 22ndJune 29th June 30thEvent PlanningApproval from PhilAnnouncement e-mailIdeation & collaboration phasePre-eventHackathon