Water under pressure - Charles Beardall, Environment Agency

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Charles Beardall, Area Manager with the Environment Agency at the Landscapes for Life 2013 Conference


  • 1. Water Under Pressure The Challenges in Eastern Region Dr Charles Beardall Eastern Area Manager, Environment Agency

2. Water Under Pressure - The Challenges in Eastern Region Setting the Scene The Challenges The Future 3. Setting the Scene The Eastern Region -AONBs, the Broads, Environmental sites 4. Setting the Scene Sources of Water mm 5. Setting the Scene Sources of Groundwater Chalk- regional principle aquifer Crag - locally significant in Suffolk and Norfolk River terrace gravels - locally significant in Essex Ely Ouse to Essex Water Transfer 6. Water Resources Who uses the water ? Over 4500 licences in Eastern Region 60 % abstracted from surface waters (rivers), 40% groundwaters Distribution of Water Licences 62%11% 23% 4% Public Water Supply Agriculture Industry/ Power Generated Other 7. Setting the Scene - Water Availability 8. Setting the Scene Water Framework Directive Prepared by Integrated Environment Planning Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey 100024198 Environment Agency copyright and/or database rights 2013. All rights reserved. 0 8 16 24 km 2012 Overall Status Poor Bad WFD rivers 9. Challenges Climate Change hotter, drier summers warmer, wetter winters extreme weather events rising sea-level Breaches in Walberswick ridge 2007 Storm surge DroughtLow flows Coastal Erosion Flooding 10. Challenges Growth and public water supply 11. Challenges - Agriculture Hose-reel gun irrigation 12. Challenges The Coast and sea level rise Shoreline Management Plan policies identify where change is most likely to happen (see map) Walberswick shingle ridge 2007 tidal surge Miinsmere nature reserve Adapting to sea level rise Broadland Flood Aleviation Project 13. Future Solutions Water Framework Directive Challenges and Choices Regional Consultations Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies Restoring Sustainable Abstraction Public Water Supply Water Resource Management Plans, Demand management, Water Resources East Anglia Adapting Agriculture and storing water. Water Bill Licencing Reform 14. Partnership Working Deben Catchment Pilot Holistic Water Management