Staff Discussion with Mike Scricca

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Staff session, August 3, 2011

Text of Staff Discussion with Mike Scricca

  • 1.
    • Who has Peer to Peer Tracks in TECNA Family?
  • Communitech
  • Pittsburgh Technology Council
  • Technology Association of Georgia (Societies)
  • Colorado Technology Association
  • Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council
  • Connecticut Technology Council
  • Others?


  • Great Value-Add for the Members
  • You are the Great Facilitator
  • Like-type professionals want to be organized and interact regularly
  • Another means of professional development for the participants
  • Good Source of intelligence for us


  • We had HR Managers and CFOs Peer to Peer 10 years ago that fizzled as participation declined. It was sponsor driven and funded.
  • Model was simple: Planning Committee from among participants, meet quarterly, sponsors attend, but quiet participants


  • We decided to jump into Peer to Peer again in 2009
  • TECNA was the primary inspiration
  • Our annual CEO-only dinner was also a factor


  • Tech Company CEOs > $3 Million
  • Meet in nice digs
  • Middle of the state
  • All verticals invited
  • 2.5 hours in the morning once a month
  • 15 participants-settle on a maximum
  • Professional facilitator- hire one oryou
  • Modest fee-$1,000, but thin through pricing (lots of Competitors in CT)


  • Process is Important CTC Hybrid
  • Take the pulse first thing- Three minute drill
  • Then we Process Issues
  • Collective wisdom, experience, knowledgeapplied to the business issues
  • Debrief-10 minutes
  • SMEs Subject matter experts occasionally
  • CEOs or I select the SME topics/speakers
  • Confidentiality is important- No sponsor
  • Peerspectives- Edward Lowe Foundation Roundtable, a good model


  • Constant nurturing required
  • You are always recruiting new participants
  • Be sensitive to inviting competitors
  • Run a tight meeting (Use a Big Clock!!)
  • You can do it yourself-get trained
  • You are not going to have the answers in most cases
  • You learn a lot about your members
  • Vertical Disparity Issue