SAP NETWEAVER Mini Sap Instalation.!

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Presented by Hassan AbdullahI am master Of ERP Systems ( SAP) at Victoria university And I am here to present you with clear easy instructions Of How to install Mini SAP net weaver + MDB Max DatabaseCan also contact me if you guys need help on


SDN Business Card!

SAP Administration 101Instructions of how to Install Mini SAP

Things you need to know before you download.Where to downloadThings you Need to install and configure before Installing Mini sapHow to installTrouble Shooting. SAP Administration 101Thinks you Need!!Get Username/PWD from Portable HD 500g Prize 60$AUDPC & Laptop With 2g of RAM/ recommended 4g RAM .J2SE Java Runtime free for now but not too long because Oracle likes to talk moneyOperating Systems W2003/2008 Server.Net Weaver 7.2 Enhance and MDBVM Player Winrar from

SAP Administration 101Where to DownloadUsername/PWD go to After you get your self ID from SND click this link Download both part 1,2. This version includes MDB.

SAP Administration 101Where to download!!To get J2SE click this link To get Windows 2008 Click this link Remember there is 2.5g one and 1.7g one get the one which is 1.7 this is full version but you can only use it for 60 day. SAP Administration 101The Last one is VM Player you can ether Download threw torrent or this site

Where to download!!

SAP Administration 101Installing operating system Using VM Player Click this link below will show you all the instructions. make sure you use ONE MASTER PWD install J2SE java run time. On your VMachine Install WINRAR from Now Right click my Computer then propertiesClick on advance sitting then Click on settingClick on advanced tab

Things you Need to install and configure before Installing Mini sap

SAP Administration 1017. Click on change on advance tab8. Change the paging file for your VMachine You created. Make sure to resize it to -intial size 11000MBMax Size 20000MBAPPLY restart Vmachine.

Things you Need to install and configure before Installing Mini sap

SAP Administration 101Unzip the 2 files you download from SND to one folder.Go to this folder and double click SAPNIST.EXE

Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 1013. Now once the installing is extracted .you shoul get NetWeaver wizard which is going to help you with the installation.4 the option that you going to execute must be Central System

Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 1015.Now you are on the second phase of the installation which is Define parameters once you get here you will have to restart the setup againInstall Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 1016. After you reset the setup. Then go back to instruction 2,3,4. once you do that you will get this screen so tick I accept. Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 1018.Once you on this screen you must click browse then go to the folder that you installed on Java, normally it is some thing like this C:\program files\java\jre1 . click open then next .Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 1019. Once you get here You must pick same MASTER PWD YOU USED ON THE OS, this is because it will help you latter when you log on from sapgui.Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 10110. Now Some trouble Shooting remember if you didnt do Step 4,5,6,7,8 of Things you Need to install and configure before Installing Mini sap You going to have this problem. And you have to do it on the spot. Then exit the setup and redo again instruction 2,3,4

Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 10111. if you have done every thing precise. Then you will get next 2 screens. So all you have to do is just click 1-Next 2- Next make sure not to change any thing just Next--NextInstall Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 10112. Step 4 execute will take at least 30-60 minuets' to finish so make sure you look after it..Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 10113. Step 5 after 30-60 minuets latter you should get this screen hope fully and it should appear similar to this Screen. And that will be he end of the installation.Install Mini SAP/MXDB

SAP Administration 101

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