Sahara Updates - Kilo Edition

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Sahara updates from PTL, Sergey Lukjanov

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  • 1. Sergey LukjanovPTLOpenStack SaharaData Processing Update

2. To provide a scalable data processing stackand associated management interfaces Sahara provisions & operates data proc. clusters schedules & operates data proc. jobs /workloads 3. Elastic Data Processing (EDP) is Saharas takeon data processing workflow management. 4. Juno release overview 540+ code commits from 50 people 32 blueprints implemented ~5000 code reviews ~168 bugs fixeddetails: 5. Moved to specs for new features 6. Sahara UI completely merged into Horizon 7. Pluggable framework-agnostic EDP 8. Vanilla Apache Hadoop 2.4.1 supportCloudera Distribution of Apache Hadoop 5.XsupportApache Spark 0.9.1 and 1.0.0 support 9. Ceilometer integration 10. Heat resources for Sahara available 11. Auto security groups creation 12. Kilo plans New versions for CDH, HDP, etc. Dashboard UX improvements Better Heat integration Ironic support