RISE Presentation: Causing Contagion for Your Brand by Influencing Influencers via Social Media

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Infuencers have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, relationships and position. By targeting media and social media figures who shape your customers' opinions, you can exponentially amplify your message. Jett Momant (Envision Creative) and Tolly Moseley (Austin Eavesdropper blog) will show you how to utilize social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp and more to find influencers for your brand, establish mutual and positive relationships and help engage them as brand advocates to help promote your business.


  • 1. Causing Contagion for Your Brandby Influencing Influencers tolly moseley & jette momant
  • 2. Nice to meet you! AUSTINEAVESDROPPER.COM The creative culture of Austin and beyond. AUSTIN EAVESDROPPER TV Interviews with quirky Austin characters and those passing through. CITYSEARCH.COM Partnership with Austin Eavesdropper to highlight new & notable spots around town AW, SHUCKS 2010: Winner, Texas Social Media Award from Austin American-Statesman 2011: Winner, Best Local Blog from Austin Chronicle 2
  • 3. AustinEavesdropper.comWHAT MY BLOG IS ABOUTThe creative culture of Austin and beyondMY OTHER WRITING HOMESSalon.com, Village Voice, Mortified,Citysearch, Texas Parks & Wildlife MagazineBLOG LIFE STORY:From personal drinking blog to professionalportfolio:2008: Posting party posters2012: Writing offers from Austin-American-Statesman.IN BETWEEN: Lots of writing for free, pitchingmyself, and slowly but surely figuring out myvoice.
  • 4. Nice to meet you! Present: Envision Creative Group We make you the hero. Before starting Envision, we were in your shoes and we were the client of other agencies, so we know the challenges you face and are ready to give you the agency experience youve always hoped for. Past: Jette Momant PR & Event Productions Promotional initiatives that revolved around the creative utilization of event promotions and social media tools to find out whats going on in the city, take its pulse and, eventually, help direct that pulse. AW, SHUCKS 2011:Fedex MyStory Austin Participant 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011: Austin-American Statesmans Annual Out & About 500 list: Individuals making the rounds and making things happen 4
  • 5. Influence Defineddo they have Klout?
  • 6. Build your networkand success will come
  • 7. Build beyond the pitchor Friending Your InfluencersNotes: Creating opportunities to catch up with your top influencers, just because. Be itgetting together for happy hour, volunteering your sponsors for event involvement, orsimply tagging them on Facebook from time to time, that stuff goes a LONG way.
  • 8. How to Reach Outto awesome influential bloggersNOTES: Invest in lovely experiences for your media contacts. It truly isnt enough these days to reach out to a blogger / media person and say, "I think yourreaders would really love this product / service!" Rather, if you want somebodys attention, itreally does take face time. And the best way to guarantee face time is setting aside a portion ofyour company budget to influencers to have a complimentary experience of your product.Also, good coverage doesnt always come in blog posts -- Tolly remembers a super cuteparty for a dog food company that Giant Noise PR did. It involved a photo booth with kitty cathats. Annie Ray took Tollys pic, and Tolly had it as her profile pic (with prominent dog foodcompany logo) for weeks! So think outside of the box with media coverage. There are funvisual ways to make a local impact with your brand, that dont require the traditional productreview.
  • 9. How to Reach Out:You Never Forget Your First CASE STUDY: http://appetitebytes.com/2011/09/25/furnis h-123-case-study-you-never-forget-your- first/
  • 10. How to Reach Out You like the Alamo, no?http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1L3eeC2lJZs
  • 11. How to Reach Out
  • 12. How to Reach Out You like the Alamo, no?
  • 13. How to Reach Out You like the Alamo, no?
  • 14. How to Influencemedia & other influencers in thecommunity
  • 15. How to Influencethe Austin Restaurant Week Craigslistdate, and the Most Epic Food ChallengeEVER CASE STUDY: http://appetitebytes.com/2011/09/10/austin-restaurant-week-spring-2011-case- study
  • 16. How to Join Forceswith other businesses & influeners in thecommunity
  • 17. How to Join ForcesPatron Spiked Cake Balls? Yes, Please! CASE STUDY: h t t p : //a p p e t i t e b y t e s . c o m /2 0 11/0 9 /2 5 /c a s e - s t u d y - s x s w i - f a s t -s o c i e t y - m o b i l e - a p p - b u i l t - t o - p a r t y
  • 18. Tools for Awesomenessidentifying influeners I like to watch
  • 19. Tools for Awesomeness identifying & connecting with influenersKlouthelps you discover authorities and opinion makers around a particular topic.Google AlertsWhen Googles vast army of bots discover a new blog entry or news story that contains a keyword or phrase youspecify, it will send you an alert in a time frame you designate: immediately, daily or weekly. Keep current on yourbrand, cause, sector or industry and, of course, mentions of your own name.Social MentionSocial media search engine that searches for keywords on social media platforms including blogs, comments,bookmarks, events, news, videos and microblogging services and provides metrics around keywords andsentiment. It also provides graphic illustrations or charts showing mentions per day or week. Download the freesearch bar for your browser and monitor anything from your brand to your causeMention Mapvisualizer tool that lets you assess the most influential Twitter users in various sectors.PlanCastYou can subscribe to get an RSS alert on any new event that matches keywords you select. Keep track of eventsthrown by your competitors, or stay on top of conferences you may want to attend or co-sponsor.


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