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  • 1.Cradle to Cradle Design CISCO Connected Urban Development ConferenceMichael Braungart Amsterdam, September 23rd, 2008

2. Connected Urban Development Conference 08 3. EPEA OFFICE: die Patriotische Gesellschaft, Hamburg Philosophy:Tolerance and Rationality, Progress and Maturity, Humanity and Community Building. PATRIOTIC SOCIETY SINCE 1765, HAMBURG 4. BAD DESIGN OF TOYS: TOXIC GASEOUS EMISSIONS... 2-ethylhexanol cyclohexanonalkyl aromatics 5. GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY?BAD DESIGN: CHROMATOGRAM FOR CHILDRENS TOY SOURCE: Hamburger Umweltinstitut e.V. 6. HEAVY METALS IN TOYS Hamburger Umwelt Institute 7. CRADLE TO GRAVE DESIGN PARADIGM 8. CRADLE TO GRAVE DESIGN PARADIGM 9. ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS 10. CRADLE TO GRAVE DESIGN PARADIGM 11. ARE WE TOO MANY?No goal is more crucial tohealing the global environmentthan stabilizing humanpopulation. Al Gore 12. ARE WE TOO MANY? 13. ARE THEY TOO MANY ? 14. THE BIOMASS OF ANTS IS FOUR TIMES GREATER THAN THAT OF HUMANS 15. Eco-Efficiency Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic 16. CRADLE TO GRAVE : TARGET IS ZEROREDUCTION,AVOIDANCE,MINIMIZATION,PREVENTION.ECO-EFFICIENCY 17. CRADLE TO CRADLE : THE GOAL IS QUALITY ECO-EFFECTIVENESS DEFINE, INCREASE, SUPPORT, OPTIMIZE ECO-EFFICIENCY 18. CRADLE TO CRADLE DESIGN PARADIGM WASTE EQUALS FOOD USE CURRENT SOLAR INCOME CELEBRATE DIVERSITY 19. IDENTIFY THE BEST: ABC-X CATEGORIZATIONOPTIMAL OPTIMIZINGTOLERABLE NOT ACCEPTABLE NOT CHARACTERIZED 20. PROGRESS OF QUALITY FROM CRADLE TO CRADLE WITH TIME ECO-EFFECTIVENESS WHERECLIENTS ANDSUPPLIERSREGARDTHEMSELVES ASPARTNERS,AIMING FOR THEHIGHESTQUALITIES 21. Biological Technical Metabolism Metabolism 22. Biological Nutrient 23. CLIMATEX LIFECYCLE : BIOLOGICAL NUTRIENT FABRIC PRODUCTION FABRIC SALE AND USE DISPOSAL AND TRIMMINGSRESOURCE GROWTH MULCH AND COMPOST 24. TRIGEMA BIODEGRADABLE T-SHIRT ABWASSERAUFBEREITUNG IN ENTWICKLUNGSLNDERNMANUFACTUREBIODEGRADE NEW DIMENSIONS OFQUALITY FORAPPAREL GOODS RECOLLECTIONCOMPOST- Users Health- Safe for theCOTTON Environment 25. Technical Nutrient 26. SHAW CARPETS: TECHNICAL NUTRIENTCARPET MANUFACTURECARPET SALE AND USE RECOVERY AND GRINDING FIBER PRODUCTIONREPOLYMERIZATION NYLON 6 27. The BEL-AIR Bio Filter 28. ECO-EFFECTIVE VS. ECO-EFFICIENT ARCHITECTUREEco-Efficient Architecture: Minimize energy use Reuse Materials Dematerialization lessmaterials RecyclingThe house is a machine for living(LeCorbusier) Uniform design regardless of place Facilitated by air conditioning Short on fresh air and natural light 29. BEYOND THE LIMITS OF SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE Eco-effective architecture Rematerialization Technical and biological cycles Integrated with natures nutrient and energy cycles Material chemistry Positively defined material chemistry e.g. Climatex and BASF carpet fiber 30. Buildings like trees, Cities like forests 31. Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies I Oberlin College, OH 32. ECO-EFFECTIVE ARCHITECTURE More Impact More habitat More clean water More fresh air More pleasure More beauty More biological diversity More fun Intelligent Workplace Responds to outdoor and indoor conditions 33. Ford: River Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan, USAPrior to Redesign Soil and water contamination on worksite Dark, dank, unpleasant Factory-Interior US$ 48 million for Water-ManagementAfter Eco-Effective Redesign Decontamination of soil Natural lighting and high ceilings US$ 35 million savings for Water Purification 34. RIVER ROUGE LIVING ROOF DESIGN 35. Ford Photographic 36. JANIS BIRKELAND: POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT Design Cities and Buildings with Net-positive benefits for the living environment in mind Best practice in planning, design and development of infrastructure. Eco-Retrofitting The SmartMode method - to help reverse the ecological and social impacts of past development. Systems Mapping And Re-design Thinking 37. ECO-RETROFITTING: GREEN ROOFS, VERTICAL GARDENS ...Fukuoka Building, Japan.Muse du quai Branly, Parishttp://www.metaefficient.com/images/Ambasz_fukuoka_green_roof.jpghttp://www.thegrowspot.com/know/f5/vertical-gardens-living-walls-53838.html 38. Bionorica AG: Headquarters in Neumarkt, Nurenberg, Germany Use of natural functional materials Energy solution technologies High indoor air quality 39. RAISED FLORA 40. WASTE MANAGEMENT = NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT Waste Management: Ideal sector to collect and handle materials for upcycling. 41. AVR VAN GANSEWINKEL: THE NUTRIENT MANAGER For us Cradle to Cradle is not a new invention, it is more a recognition of existing activities and re- discovering what our business is really about! We embrace it and support it. In our opinion nutrients should not be wasted. We can give it a new lease of life.Ruud SondagCEO, AVR - Van Gansewinkel 42. STATEMENT FROM THE CEO OF DESSOWith Cradle to Cradle, Desso is in it for the long haul. Its a challenging task which will involve the creation of entirely new products and technologies. But its a task were proud to undertake, for the betterment of our products, our brand, the people and our planet. CEO - Stef Kranendijk, Desso 43. INTELLIGENT MATERIALS POOLING (IMP) PHASE ONECreating Strength: Identify partners Identify substances toeliminate 44. INTELLIGENT MATERIALS POOLING (IMP) PHASE TWOUsing Strength: Develop a collective list of intelligent materials (i.e. positive purchasing and procurement list) I.e. eco-effective polymers and additives, alloys, building materials, etc. 45. INTELLIGENT MATERIALS POOLING (IMP) PHASE THREE Define Flows: Define use periods for products and services IMP uses high quality materials, becoming a virtual materials bank 46. INTELLIGENT MATERIALS POOLING: MATERIAL FLOWS 47. EXAMPLE OF A CRADLE TO CRADLESM Platform 48. CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFICATION 4 LEVELS OF CERTIFICATION: PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BASIC CERTIFICATION CRITERIA: MATERIALS MATERIAL REUTILIZATION ENERGY WATER SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 49. EXAMPLES FOR CERTIFICATIONS (MBDC) Tartan Track SilverTimber Sil Wood Treatment agent SilverSteelcase Workstation Silver Mirra Chair Silver/GoldShaw Eco Worx Tile Silver Victor Inovatex Gold 50. TRIPLE TOP LINE 51. ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT 52. BENEFICIAL ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT 53. Its obviously time for a new paradigm. And the question is, Do we adopt it now, or do we wait until were really in trouble?I recommend Cradle to Cradle, a book by Michael Braungart and William McDonough.- Brad Pitt October 2006,Volume 146, Issue 4 54. THE NETHERLANDS A CRADLE TO CRADLE HOTBED 55. Becoming native to the planet Becoming native to place 56. CRADLE TO CRADLE WHERE TO BEGIN? CRADLE TO CRADLE WHERE TO BEGIN? FOCUS ON CLUSTERS OF NEEDSFOCUS ON CLUSTERS OF NEEDS ConsumerGoods EnergyBio-Diversity TransportInfrastructureHealthAir Purity Children Eco-Retrofitof Built Non-RenewableEnvironment Nutrient Recovery 57. CRADLE TO CRADLE: REMAKING THE WAY WE MAKE THINGS 58. NUTEC - Becoming Native to the PlanetInternational Congress and Exhibition forInnovation and Intelligent Design 12. 14. November 2008FRANKFURT, GERMANY www.nutec.de // +49 69 75 59 99 59. EPEA INTERNATIONALE UMWELTFORSCHUNG GMBH TROSTBRCKE 4 D-20457 HAMBURG GERMANY T. +49 40 43 13 49 0 F. +49 40 43 13 49 49 www.epea.comMichael Braungart braungart@epea.com