Metadata for the Global Evaluation Trial Repository of CCAFS and interoperability with germplasm data

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Presentation by Glenn Hyman for the 1st International e-Conference on Germaplasm Data Interoperability. On the experience of AgTrials ( in linking to other bioinformatics resources and developing metadata.


  • 1. Metadata for the Global Evaluation Trial Repository of CCAFS and interoperability with germplasm data1st International e-Conference on Germplasm Data Interoperability December 6-20, 2013 Glenn Hyman International Center for Tropical Agriculture

2. an information portal developed by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) provides access to a database on the performance of agricultural technologies at sites across the developing world. builds on decades of evaluation trials, mostly of varieties, but includes any agricultural technology for developing world farmers. standardizes data and information to the benefit of crop adaptation research, climate change analyses, future multienvironment trials and research and development in international agriculture. 3. Maps all trialsProject InfoLatest Posts & TrialsPartnersSocial www.agtrials.orgStat & Videos 4. Trial: 1 crop (many cultivars) 1 growing season 1 locationTrials 5. >> Multi-site agricultural trial database ( Observed changes in growing season temperature for crop growing regions,1980-2008. Lobell et al (2011)Effect of +1C warming on yield20,000+ maize trials in 123 research sitesSites with >23C would suffer even if optimally managedMore than 20% loss in sites with >20C, under droughtLobell et al. 2011 6. Dynamic link to CropOntology provides terminology and definitions for traits and variables measured 7. Connection to Genebank Data: with CropOntology group, we are doing exploratory research to make these links. Cassava has been completed so far. 8. Information for our Partners AgTrials can be used as a trial server for accessing information for your own website or application 9. Status Update 254 registered users (93 of whom have not entered the application) 42 technologies (mostly crops) 34,523 trials Maize has the largest number of trials (29,188) followed by common bean (1,866), cassava (1,613), sorghum (359), rice (388) and others 89,170 varieties/races at 2,473 sites in 110 countries 10. Agtrials Metadata information about the data Some of it we made up Relies on Uses document repository to acquire information about the data Concern: how to map our metadata to other systems Concern: how much metadata to include Concern: Metadata and/or data? 11. 2014 Goals Fully incorporate roots tubers and bananas trial data from the CGIAR RTB team Other CRPs to participate Integration with AgMIP. Continued efforts to increase the number of trials in the system (please contact us about your participation) Acquire resources to advance the initiative 12. Thank you!