managing information overload

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some brief tips on the basics of managing information overload.

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  • 1. Managing InformationOverloadby: Clara Johnsonfor: LI819XI

2. Like most people,you love theInternet. 3. But sometimes, loveaffairs turn sour. 4. Does this scene look familiar to you?(That is, inside your head) 5. You might be goingthrough what isknown as: 6. Information overload. 7. This occurswhenever your mindhas received toomuch information toperform at its bestability. 8. Today, people areexposed to moreinformation thanever. 9. So, how can we manage this? 10. Step one:Identify youractivities.What takes up timeand energy whileyoure online? 11. For example 12. School Assignments Research EmailWork obligationsPersonal responsibilities Social Networks More email Projects 13. Step Two:Step back. Relax, already! 14. If you want toperform at yourbest, you must learnto focus. 15. Step Three:Prioritizeyour time. 16. DONToverworkyourself. 17. Make sure you do at least onething outside of the work orschool environment you enjoyeach day. 18. Step Four:Cultivaterealisticexpectations.The Internet isa big place,and no searchis perfect! 19. Step Five:Focus onquality overquantity. 20. The more you try to dotoo many things atonce, the more yourend results will suffer. 21. Step Six:If youre feelingoverwhelmed,disconnect! 22. Sometimes, the bestway to clear your headis to take a walk. 23. One step at a time! 24. Im feeling better already! 25. I hope you do feel better about tackling the information youencounter.Here are some more resources on information overload youmay find helpful:Three Keys to Beating Information OverloadRecovering from Information Overload10 Tips for Managing Information OverloadTime Management: Tips to reduce stress and increaseproductivity 26. Happy searching! 27. Image Credit: https://encrypted-content/uploads/2012/08/information- QL_LpblBzJA77q6psmKa9H1KmvU7t BO3s-dTGtyL_csurPBXIU efault/files/content/images/tOverload.jpg ime-management.jpg x.pnghttp://thumbs.dr profile_imFp.jpg ages/1084 37729/Thu mbs-Up-8903-783865-relaxing-cat.jpg