Making Agile Choices in Software Technology

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Presented at on 2012/6/15


  • 1. Friday, June 15thMAKING AGILE CHOICES INSOFTWARE TECH@dblockdotorg @gaDaniel Doubrovkine - -

2. BUILDING SOFTWARE 3. WHAT IS _____ ? What is the problem domain? What is the software going to do? What stories will it tell? 4. CHOOSING TECHNOLOGYTRADITIONAL APPROACHES 5. STACKthis stack works this stack worked 6. TYPICAL STACK: LAMP Zend Django PHP PythonApache MySQLLinux Rackspace 7. TYPICAL STACK: ROR Backbone.js+60 gemsRailsRubyMongoDB+ addons Heroku AWS (S3, Cloudfront) 8. WHAT DO STACKS DO? Help You Focus on The Domain Classify Problems Offer Generic Solutions Provide Consistent Experience Map Software Evolution Reuse Skills 9. CHOOSE: BAKEOFFBIG COMPANY, LOTS OF PEOPLE Identify Candidates ASP.NET / RoR / J2EE / LAMP Develop Metrics scalability, complexity, cost Gather Data feature matrix, metrics data Compare =SUM(A:Z) Pick a Winner =MAX(SUM(A:Z)) 10. CORROSIONBIG COMPANY, LOTS OF POLITICS Group Think Skilled Sales Artful Communication Corruption Intimidation or Escalation 11. CHOOSING TECHNOLOGY DOESNT HAVE TO BE BORING LESS TRADITIONAL APPROACHES 12. TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE It worked before It didnt work before It is interesting ______ uses it 13. DEVELOPER HAPPINESS Developers Are Happy with ______ Their Own Choices Cutting Edge Technology 14. CHOOSING TECHNOLOGY DOESNT HAVE TO BE A SCIENCE AGILE OPTIONS 15. PRAGMATIC & ITERATIVE Try It Iterate Keep It Toss It Easy to Learn Frustration-less Quick to Leverage Vibrant Community Elegant Solutions 16. TIME TO CHOOSE AGAIN?Good Technology Choices Help Developers Focus on the Problem Domain, -me. 17. THE ONLY CONSTANT ISCHANGE Reset Early, Several Times Rational Thinking Kills Companies Incremental Rewrites Take Forever Think Startup 18. QUESTIONS?me: Daniel Doubrovkine (aka. dB.)company: http://art.sytwitter: @dblockdotorgblog: slides: email: