Listening: Free Tools & Techniques for Nonprofit Brand Monitoring

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I gave this presentation on developing listening strategies and free tools for brand monitoring in a 5 minute Pecha Kucha/Ignite style at Seattle NetTuesday in September.

Text of Listening: Free Tools & Techniques for Nonprofit Brand Monitoring

  • 1. Listening: Free Tools & Techniques for Nonprofit Brand Monitoring Gregory Heller Partner & Strategist CivicActions twitter @gregoryheller
  • 2. A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. (The Cluetrain Manifesto, Levine and Locke
  • 3. What Is Listening? Brand Monitoring is developing tools and techniques to hear what people are saying about your organization and your issues. Everyone with an internet connection can say something that others will see or hear. You need to know who is saying what. People are already talking about you and your issues.
  • 4. Keywords... And how to find them: Brainstorm with your staff, members, audience Google Trends ( Ask for help/feedback from others On Twitter, or Facebook for example Delicious
  • 5. Finding Keywords w Delicious Use Delicious to see tags used by others
  • 6. Testing Keywords w Google Trends
  • 7. Listening Strategy Developing a Listening Strategy is essential Where to listen Google News and Blog search, Technorati, Twitter Trendrr, Twendz Facebook Lexicon How to listen feed readers (Google reader, Bloglines) Schedule time to listen Re-evaluate your searches REGULARLY
  • 8. Google Blog Search
  • 9. Technorati Detailed search and analysis
  • 10. High level analysis of keyword trends
  • 11. Listening Tools: Twitter Search Search for Keywords, Look at Trending Topics
  • 12. Search & Hash Tags
  • 13. Monitter: Twitter Search
  • 14. Delicious Subscriptions You can subscribe to Delicious Tag Feeds. Find the important tags, subscribe to the feeds through delicious, OR your feed reader of choice.
  • 15. Listening Tools: Google Reader
  • 16. Google Reader A google news search result in google reade
  • 17. Google Reader Leverage your listening, use Google Reader to share
  • 18. Other Sources There are many other sources, and new ways of searching emerge daily. You can't find or use them all. Find the ones that work for you. Re-evaluate periodically. Twine is a social news and bookmark site Loud3r is an automated semantic news site
  • 19. Join the conversation You know who is talking You know what they are talking about You know where they are talking Assign staff resources Make time in the schedule Check in to make sure it is happening
  • 20. Notes and Resources Visit Our Website For More Resources: Gregory Heller Partner & Strategist twitter @gregoryheller