Kuali Student Project Update Kuali Days 2010

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Kuali Student Project update presented by Kuali Student leadership team at Kuali Days 2010.


  • 1. Kuali Days November 2010
    Kuali Student Project Update

2. Introductions
Dan McDevitt KS Program Director, Indiana University
Rajiv Kaushik KS Development Manager, University of Toronto
Mike Zackrison KS Product Manager, University of Southern California
Ben Clark KS Quality Manager, University of Washington
3. Agenda
Introduction to Kuali Student
Past Year Highlights
Examine Project Timeline
Release 1.1
Release 2.x
Looking Ahead
4. What is Kuali Student?
Software Project
Open Source Software Product(s)
5. Founders
University of California, Berkeley
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Washington
University of Southern California
University of British Columbia
San Joaquin Delta College
Naval Post Graduate School
Carnegie Mellon
University of Cambridge
Indiana University
Boston College
North-West University, South Africa
= New
6. Software Project
A multi-year effort to build software as a community
Resources committed by partners
Professionally structured and managed
7. Open Source Software Product(s)
A modular, open source, standards-based next generation student system. . .
Being developed through a community source process. . .
That will be delivered through a service-oriented architecture and rich user experience.
To learn more: www.kuali.org/ks
8. 2010 A year of transition
From theory to practice
Into delivery mode
Starting institutional implementations
Resources / leadership changes
9. 2010 Project Highlights
About to deliver first public release of KS Curriculum Management (CM) R1.1
Requirements gathered for Release 2/ Enrollment
Maturing of processes
Iterative delivery 5 on time milestone releases since April
Improved productivity of highly distributed team
Demonstrated resilience through partner transitions
10. 2010 Product Highlights
KS Curriculum Management R1.1
R1.1 tip of the iceberg foundation / tech stack set for rest of KS development
Created a flexible learning unit
Created service contracts defined in a technology independent manner
Demonstrated high degree of service and UI configurability
First release of the user interaction model
Industry Innovation
11. Project Timeline
12. KS Curriculum Management R1.1
Next Month - December 2010
13. KS Curriculum Management R1.1
The Curriculum Management module controls the creation and management of Learning Units (LUs)--any learning-related activity that needs to be tracked by the institution or the learner.
Learning units may range from very general (a degree program) to very specific (a class assignment).
R1.1 addresses the creation, approval, and management of traditional curriculum such as courses and degrees, including the development and approval of new Learning Units, simple and substantive changes to existing Learning Units, inquiry and deletion capabilities.
14. What is Curriculum Management?
Curriculum Management
Learning Unit
* Delivered in R1.1:
Proposal processes for Courses
Administrative screens for Programs
15. What is Curriculum Management?
16. KS Curriculum Management R1.1
See it in action:
Detailed Overview of the Kuali Student Curriculum Management with Demonstration
Tuesday, 11 AM 12 PM (earlier today)
Wednesday, 9:30 10:30 AM Elizabeth G
17. KS Curriculum Management R1.1
Who (implementing):
University of California,Berkeley
University of Maryland, College Park
18. Whats Next Release 2 Enrollment
Manage Course Offerings
Manage People and Time
Grading, Record, Transcript
Degree Audit
Fees, Transfer Credit
Learning Plan
19. Release 2 Development Strategy
PHASE 1 Foundation (thin slice)
Course offerings, students, registration, grading, academic record, other TBD
Manage Course Offerings
Manage People and Time
Grading, Record, Transcript
Fees, Transfer Credit
Course Registration
Learning Plan
Degree Audit
20. Phase I Thin Slice
21. Release 2 Objectives of Phase 1
Phase 1: R2 Foundation
Lay service foundation: define and exercise most alpha services
Provides technical/service platform that regional/institutional-led teams can build upon
Provides an assemblence of a demonstrable product across core R2 functions
Enables platform for transitioning to contribution/development model
22. R2 Local / Regional Team Build Out
Team A
Team B
Team D
PHASE 2 Expand Depth with Parallel Dev Teams
Team B
Team A
Team C
Manage Course Offerings
Manage People and Time
Grading, Record, Transcript
Fees, Transfer Credit
Course Registration
Learning Plan
Degree Audit
23. Release 2 Objectives of Phase 2
Phase 2: R2 Regional/Institutional Lead Teams
Provides opportunity for optimizing resources through proximity, i.e., face to face, time zone, etc.
Provides an opportunity to align institutional priorities with delivery of KS modules
Shift leadership and accountability to institutions responsible for delivery
Provides opportunity/avenue to attract additional Institutional investment/contributions
24. Planning Timeline for Release 2
R2 Thin Slice Development (KS Core Dev Team)
R2 Thin Slice Setup
Jan 11
Begin R2 Module Development w/ co-located teams
Prep for R2 setup
Identify scope
Complete requirements
R2 Planning and Analysis (full scope)
25. 2011 A Look Ahead
R2 Planning and Development
CM R1.1 Implementations
Additional CM R1.x functionality
Move from distributed to co-located development teams
Introduce contribution model and governance
Identify 3rd party products for integration
26. Other Areas of Exploration
Support / Sustainability / Maintenance
Commercial partner program
New partner development
Sharing code and best practices
More SIS showcase events
Student services app clearinghouse
Homegrown or 3rd party apps - not necessarily sharing KS technology stack
Just and Idea!
27. Join Us
In the grand scheme of things were just at the beginning of a long trek. . . one that will be well worth the effort.
Please join us, if youre not already.
28. Questions?
For more information about KS Curriculum Management Release 1.1
Reminder: Demo Wednesday, 9:30 10:30 AM
Web: www.kuali.org/ks/releases
General Project or Product
Contact: mike.zackrison@usc.edu


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