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A collection of my infographics created to support conceptual ideas or project results.

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  • 1. joanne tsianosBFADesign + UX.infographics collection(917) 689

2. Sun Life FinancialInfographics, personas and eco-systems created tosupport strategic positioning and creative ideas. 3. McCainPersonas and program strategies.Site Flow & User Experience Goals 1. Raise awareness 2. Build brand image and trust 3. Ultimately drive to trial Online mediaEmail blast? Paid & Social(Sign-up) (Media buy, mommy bloggers,Receive new productarticles, Facebook app)information and news Its all goodOffline mediaUser input(In-store, mass media, (Review, simple polls, television, radio) user-submitted stories) Phase 1. Introduce IAG 1 The story (flash intro or video) of what has been removed and what we are doing. This will play on arrival to the site. 2. Inform and build trust A) Q&A - Questions answered by providing relevant material offered up in low to high engagement levels. (We will raise Julies level of trust.) B) Join the Journey - A look into the past, present and future at product evolution. An interactive element for the user can be included (i.e. email newsletter). 3. Product information Ingredients (why its good), nutrition, allergens, preparation instructions Phase 4. User engagement1.1What do you want? - Ask for consumer input and engage them with activities such as questions or simple polls. PhaseA day in the life of Julie 5. Enable usersJulie is 39, married with two children (age 11 & 15)I deserve this triplemocha latte with whipped2Brand advocacy stagecream after this mornings ordeal. Cant believe its BUYS: A coffee andI hope the kids already Monday. Where a muffin actually eat their lunches. did the weekend go?? Maybe I should have 8:55 AM Sept 23 from webI hate having to dragpacked more snacks. the kids out of bed @Marion Hows dinner every my place this Friday? Commutes to work. 12:52 PM Sept 23 from TweetieSees ads insideBUYS: A sandwich and public transit andAt work.Goes for coffee break[reminder] soup combo[reminder]in newspaper.with co-workers.8:55 AMConference callStatus meeting at 10:17 AMat 1:00pm.9:30am in the8:00 AMmain boardroom. 7:15 AM12:23 PM Makes breakfast andCatches up on videos,Julie is countinglunches for kids. articles and facebook.down the daysto Orlando. Checks email and Picks up some lunch weather, reads for a nearby headlines. Wakes up, gets herself3:18 PMBUYS: A few apples, and kids ready. 6:30 AM Grabs a snack from a bag of almonds and a nearby grocery store. a chocolate barRise and shine!5:07 PM Commutes home. Goes to sleep. 12:05 AM[SMS] Checks mobile device for email and news. NEWS: Car accidentI can finally get on Main Street. to that book I started 9:45 PMPicks up some groceries. Delays Eastbound.6:35 PM 8 months ago... ZZZZZ Kids go to bed. Has dinner.7:40 PM Checks email and searches for info or on health & beauty, Cleans the kitchen[kids]BUYS: Bag of salad, entertainment and food. and does laundry.I dont want tobread, chicken, tomatoeat this. sauce, juice and Helps kids with apple pie homework.Great article on *sigh*Digital activityorganic food.Everyone watches TV. RT @tedtalks Todays TalkGoing to forward this-- Rebecca Saxe: How brainsto Marion. Transactionmake moral judgments Reads mail. Thought 10:20 PM Sept 23 from webConversation 4. Labatt BlueInfographic of program outlines with multiple touchpoints.Additional PointsSurvey Lorem ipsum1-10points Dolor sit Amet constect Turpis diamBonus Points Bonus Points follow on LIKEInstant Win Surveys1-10points 1-10 Opening Bid: 30ptspointsCurrent Bid: 4 pts 45 pts 1pt/pp BID NOWYOU WINSHARE Bonus Pointswhen registering 48 ptsYou have been outbid BID AGAIN2450ptspts5 pts Saturday 3pm Saturday 4pmSaturday 9pmSunday 9am 5. Indigo Program StrategyEcosystem designed to dene the variousstages of a program.Teen Choice Awards PlanBuildEngageDeploy and SupportPhase1:Phase 2: Phase 3:Phase 4:Listen + Identify InfluencersInvite Influencers + Create PanelEngagement + Ongoing Moderation Advocacy, Outreach & InsightsUsing proprietary and 3rd party listeningA predetermined number of key influencers will be invited to join theThe Community Manager will engage the group in discussions around the Teen Choice Awards, The Community Manager will engage the former panelistsplatforms, we will track discussions,panel. The panel, or group, will allow participants to share information books and Chapters Indigo. The panelists will provide actionable input on ideas and creative. and broader groups to drive votes, engagement andunderstand sentiment and identifyand collaborate, and provides us with a platform for communication.The Community Manager will moderate and participate in the conversations, set up surveys, potentially drive individuals to store. We will have askedinfluencers & content creators. ResultingIncentives and rewards will surprise and delight panelists.document and escalate feedback. panelists for ideas on how best to spread the message.insights will optimize and track the efficacy These learnings will be incorporated during this phase.of our outreach efforts.Thank you kits with shareable tools to help them spreadthe message will be distributed to panelists.We will identify, catalog and rank sites withthe most influence and the people mostlikely to share their opinions thisinformation will be captured in thePrivate NetworkingOutreach Plan.Group & Surveys Amy JoshCraigInvite Panelists tca12Listen + Observe + Identify4 blogsemailsocial twitter networks networksSelect Panelists Participation Incentives& Rewards4 Innovation Panel*In focus groups, the Hawthorne Effect can beextremely strong after involvement in a new 3 Indigoproduct concept, participants often leave thegroup passionate advocates of what they havebeen asked their advice on.Insights & Learning1 week 2 weeks 6 weeksJune15 2010 Capital C LP 6. Lean CuisineSite metrics presented to marketing teamsto show program effectiveness. 7. BayerSupport materials created for technical processes andprogram ecosystems. eCRM Implemenation Strategy mobile appssocial media One user account other Bayer to access any site brand websitesEmailWebsitesBayer OTC websiteOine OnlineCRM Database Consumer Marketing DatabasePromotionBanner AdOnline CampaignsDashboardCouponsResults 8. Maple LeafVarious ecosystems designed to match the brandedcampaign and give the martketing teams fullexplanations on reach.s Next Top Dog CanadaEventPRPrint Maple Leaf Butcher interviewed on BT Final event held at urban centre like Dundas Square The Next Top Dog ContestSocial Facebook Open Casting Callsfanpage at participating ASPs Header Card, Bunker Wrap& Wobbler twitter Personal FeedOnlineTVBlog SeedingPromote through all relevantShaw programming Banner AdsEmail toMaple Leaf DB 9. Breyers Smooth & DreamyInfographic of program outlines with multiple touchpoints.

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